Slow fashion

Expanding my knowledge – slow fashion

As I’m new to this, I like to read up on what other wellness, ethical and eco bloggers are doing and what they’ve put in place to help them move to a more sustainable lifestyle. I can then try it myself and see how I get on or decide if I can come up with… Continue reading Expanding my knowledge – slow fashion

Plastic free

It’s always tea time

After reading a post on Moral Fibres blog (which I really enjoy reading), I was angry to learn that most tea bags are manufactured using a percentage of plastic. What also annoyed me is that I had never even thought about it at all and as I was reading the article I was like 'Yeah,… Continue reading It’s always tea time


It must be love – Hers & His Valentines gifts

Oh no its that time of year again when you feel like you should probably get your other half something for Valentines day but your thinking what more could they need, they have me!! Well in case you do feel the need to buy something for the person you love but you can't afford the… Continue reading It must be love – Hers & His Valentines gifts