ethical, Plastic free, Slow fashion

Festival guide eco style

As I am sure you're all aware now I work at festivals during the summer season, I am only doing a few this year but I thought as it's approaching the end of May it's the perfect time to share my favourite eco must haves and style for summer festivals! All the brands I am… Continue reading Festival guide eco style

ethical, Plastic free, Slow fashion

Improve your clothing foot print

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself that I would only purchase clothes which are second hand or from an ethical clothing brand and so far this year I have been doing well! I'm really impressed with myself, it means that everything I’ve bought has already had a previous owner.… Continue reading Improve your clothing foot print

Second hand shopping guide
Slow fashion

How to survive second hand shopping

It can be a bit scary at first if you’re not use to shopping second hand regularly. I love second hand shopping because the truth is I don’t like to look or dress the same as everyone else! I’ve always been the same, even when I go out with my friends I always stick out… Continue reading How to survive second hand shopping