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Body image

Ooo, this is going to be an interesting post! To be honest it's a difficult one for me to write, you might think why would this be difficult for her to write she's only a size 8 (probs more a 10 of recent!) what more could she want…Well I'm sorry the fact is everyone has… Continue reading Body image

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My Skin Routine Secrets

Interested in my skin routine secrets? Shh!... Everyone always comments on how clear my skin is and asks me what my skin routine is. My secret...there isn't one! The truth is I don't really do anything or use anything in particular for my skin to be this clear. I wish I could share an amazing… Continue reading My Skin Routine Secrets

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Tropical natural products – Lani

Just to let you all know I've found my new favourite products and they're the best! I am super fussy when it comes to the smell of beauty products so when I got Lani's tropical hair treatment and tropical fruit radiance mask, I was so excited because they smelt amazing. I'm not that into doing… Continue reading Tropical natural products – Lani