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Festival guide eco style

As I am sure you’re all aware now I work at festivals during the summer season, I am only doing a few this year but I thought as it’s approaching the end of May it’s the perfect time to share my favourite eco must haves and style for summer festivals! All the brands I am mentioning below I am a huge fan of, purchase from them and follow them obsessively on social media.

What’s great about UK festivals is many of them are really encouraging you to create less waste and take as many reusables as possible. The best eco festivals are Glastonbury, Boomtown, Womad, love Supreme and Camp Bestival. I’m very excited for you to discover other brands that you’ll start to love via this post. Create less waste at festivals! Take your shit home with you, NEVER leave your tent (they’re super hard to get rid of however some brands do upcycling them which is incredible!). So let’s crack on;

  1. Plastic Freedom – Everything about this website is just WOW! It literally has all of your plastic free needs but a few I’d like to point out are, the new addition Amazinc which is plastic free, vegan and SPF30 suntan lotion – YAS! Stainless steel cups, now UK festivals aren’t aloud glass onsite so all the cups they give you for your beer will be plastic so be one step ahead and get yourself some Elephant metal cups. I can confirm that all the big UK festivals caterers aren’t aloud to have plastic cutlery available but they’re still throw away wooden/bamboo ones. Get yourself some reusable cutlery they usually come wrapped in a cute little wrap in a set including a straw too! Check out Plastic Freedom for all of the plastic free summer festival essentials.
  2. Tweedy Clothing – I first discovered this brand at Bestival last year and I love them! I bought the most beautiful jumpsuit from them which screams summer festivals. I love this brands because everything is made from 100% cotton and recycled silk. Everything looks so beautiful! as well! You can tell its been made with love. You need to check out Tweedy Clothing before your next festival trip.
  3. Lone Wolves Creative – I love Lois and Sam they’re both beautiful people! They have a great vegan café in an Essex village. One of the other beautiful things they create are crystal necklaces and bracelets, I have one myself and I love it! I personal think they’re summer festival essential and will go amazingly with a Tweedy outfit!
  4. My Plastic Free Planet – This is my boyfriends brothers brand and it’s great! I’ve been as massive fan of it from the first time I heard the idea and its been a long time coming. For summer festivals you need a reusable water bottle especially as a lot of festivals are becoming more eco friendly. There are plenty of stand pipes to fill up from whilst you’re at an event so there’s no excuse. These water bottles come in two different sizes and slightly different designs. Go and take a look!

So when you go to a festival this year really think about what you’re taking and how much rubbish you’ll create whilst you’re there and never, never leave anything onsite which you’ve taken there!!

Much love x