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What I’m listening to – Pod casts

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, I’m not much of a reader. In fact I’ve been trying to read ‘Why we sleep’ for weeks now and I can’t get into it! So instead I’ve been jumping on the pod cast wagon and I’ve found it a great way to learn new things. What’s even better is that I’ve found some of my favourite YouTuber’s have pod casts too so I can listen to them while I am at work, erm yes I am obsessed it’s fine I know!

So I wanted to share with you my favourite pod casts and what I love about them. I’m very particular with my pod casts because some people I watch on YouTube just don’t translate over to pod casts as well as others. It’s also all about the content! I want to expand my knowledge without having to read books all the time as it takes me a long time to read a book so I need otherwise to expand my knowledge which I enjoy.

I really like the positivity and inspiring subjects while I am listening to a pod cast as it covers a lot of the learning in a fun way. Some of these pod casts might not be for you, however these are my top ones as I find them very motivational! Here we go, my top 5 pod casts and why I love them;

1. Detail Therapy – Amy Landino is a goddess! I love her YouTube channel she makes amazing videos and they are so inspiring and encouraging! Amy’s tag line is ‘Go after the life you want’ and most of the time people don’t know how to do that (like me!). Amy gives amazing tips and advice on how to do this. She invites some amazing guests, most I’ve never heard of before however these are great entrepreneurs in their own right with great advise. So if you like Amy’s tag line then you will love her YouTube and pod cast, so get on it now!

2. Happy Place – This is Fearne Cotton’s pod cast where she interviews celebrities about their mental health, life, love and loss. A few examples of who feature on her pod cast include Stephen Fry, Dawn French, Lena Headey and Mel C all opening up about their personal life and how they’ve got through their toughest parts in life. I really enjoy this pod cast and get excited when new episodes come out! It’s very helpful to know that celebrities go through mental health issues like everyone else, it helps you to relate with them more.

3. Bryony Gordan’s Mad World – I found out about this pod cast from Happy Place, as Bryony was a guest on there. The tagline for this is ‘Because mental health deserves to be talked about’ and I totally agree! Bryony has some great guest on her pod cast and they really do go in-depth about their own experience with mental health. My favourite guest is Bryony’s first, Prince Harry, so great to hear him openly speak about his own experience as well as his and William’s work with the Heads together charity. Another great guest who you need to listen to is Mel B, speaking about her new book Brutally Honest, which I would really like to read.

4. Fit & Fearless – I am a BIG fan of Zanna Van Dijk and this pod cast is a great fitness one with Tally and Victoria, the Girl Gains crew. This pod cast also covers body confidence and these women are the ones to be discussing it, looking at their Instagram and YouTube channels you’d think these women boss body confidence which they do but they’re also human and have stumbling blocks like all of us! A very enjoyable pod cast to listen to, I struggle to get motivated with regards to fitness so I find this pod cast very helpful.

5. Positively Selfish – I only know about this pod cast because Dr Joshua Wolrich put it on his Instagram that he was going to be interviewed on it. Robyn’s mission is to show you that its ok to be more protective and selfish with your time, YES! I love this. Robyn has some great guests on here, people who you might know from Instagram such as Tally who co-hosts the fit & fearless pod cast. Robyn is anti NutriBollocks as Dr Joshua would say and pro real nutrition and science, all in a positive way. Check this out!

I’m very aware that I have chosen an all-female line up of pod casts however there are two male pod casts I really enjoy they’re just not in the top 5. These are Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu and The Brandon Carter Experience, both focus on positivity, motivation and fitness. I don’t necessarily agree with their diet choices but I really like their tips on being proactive and getting shit done, they’re both worth checking out. Just as an FYI Brandon Carter’s is an old pod cast so the sound quality isn’t great but the content is! Let me know you favourite pod casts and why you like listening to them over on my Instagram and Twitter!

Much love x