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The Mindfulness App review

I originally signed up for this app because I got a months free trial via my Vodafone contract and I wanted something to help me get back into meditating again. I’ve been pretty terrible at doing it recently, I’ve not got that much better, I feel like I’m forcing myself to do it everyday when I shouldn’t have to. When I feel like I’m in a bit of a muddle and upset then I actually go out of my way to meditate because I know it helps me massively with my mental health, it grounds me and brings me back to reality after I’ve got myself into a bit of a state.

I’ve tried the Headspace app before and I really didn’t get on with it, I’m not really sure why, I don’t think I liked the voices on the guided meditations I found them distracting unlike The Mindfulness app. However, a lot of people I know get on with Headspace and really enjoy using it. It just wasn’t for me! What I like about the Mindfulness app is that it does a ‘get started’ section to encourage you to meditate 5 mins each day but also doesn’t put the pressure on you if you can’t do it everyday so you don’t feel bad if you miss one.

After the intro meditation I then moved on to just timed session for 5 mins and I love having forest sounds in the background of my meditation, it helps me to feel super relaxed. You can choose from other sounds like beach, rain, stream and waves, its quietly in the background whilst you listen to the guided meditation. If you prefer to meditate on your own rather than a guided you can choose that option in your settings, I personally prefer a guided meditation helps my mind to not drift as much.

If you go ahead for a free trial then make sure you make the most of the themed meditations, which I didn’t take full advantage of and am now regretting it! There are a few themes including stress relief, sleep, emotions, body, focus, relationships, travel and school. Once you’ve clicked into a particular theme it will show a list of mediations ranging from 5 mins to half an hour. If you’re struggling with school stress then I’d highly recommend using the themed meditations for school they will help you get into the right frame of my before studying, tests and relaxing after both.

When I had the full app I used the sleep theme a lot as I had been struggling massively with sleep a few months ago and I felt that it really did help me to relax! They also do meditation courses as well which I’ve not yet tried but they look great! You can do a 3, 5, 7, 10 day program and a compassion program all of which have a write up explaining what is involved in each program. In need of minimising thoughts and increasing focus its well worth giving the 3 day program a go, again it is a guided course?!

If you like to know how well you’ve been doing then the app tells you that too, your total meditation time, average, how many sessions you’ve done and the courses you have completed. The full app isn’t expensive I think its £45 for the year, which is around £3.75 a month it’s a very small amount and is well worth spending the money on the full app if you think you’ll get use out of it. Now I’ve realised how much I miss the sleep theme I might sign back up for it just for that alone!

I highly recommend this if you want to get into meditation or to do it more regularly then The Mindfulness app is a great place to start. If you sign up let me know how you get on!

Much love x