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The Reco Store review

Today has been an exciting day! One, because it’s a bank holiday so no work yay and two because I’ve managed to get down to The Reco Store, this is a new package free shop in Tiptree, Essex…FINALLY I hear you say! Yes, that’s right a package free shop in Essex and wow I am so excited. So on this beautiful Friday I popped down to visit them, I took my jars and reusable bags in my little basket and a list of things I wanted. Gotta be prepped you see, otherwise you might end up spending loads of money you didn’t need to!

First thing I’d like to say is that they’re super helpful and it’s a very cute store, it is a little small but it’s mighty and it’s only just opened, they’ve really thought through how to set out the store and make it look fabulous too. I’ve never been in a packaged free shop before so they were great to speak to and explaining what you do. When you take your jars in and are ready to fill them then they will weigh them before so you’re not paying for the jar that you’ve taken with you which makes everything super cheap! Remember when you buy things in a shop you’re paying for the packaging as well so don’t forget to save your jars and wash them out before you arrive so you can reuse them as much as possible.

So what’s available at The Reco Store which will help you reduce your waste? In short, a lot of things that I’ve been looking for, for a long time and have finally found hence why I am so excited for this shop! Bulk washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, surface spray, vinegar, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. These on their own are wow! Whilst I was in the store there was a family with children who were excited to help fill up their parents containers, that’s what we need to do, encourage children that this is the norm moving forward. And hopefully supermarkets will follow in the near future, we shall see…

As well as liquids there are some bulk dried goods as well, porridge oats, muesli, bran flakes, nuts, rice, pasta, kidney beans, chickpeas and much more! Packaged free pasta on it’s own got me very happy, it’s like the only ingredient you can’t find package free and now I know why after to speaking to Susie, one of the owners (who is lovely!) I found out that packaged free stores also have a hard time finding plastic free pasta because the biggest bulk bag they can purchase is 10kg, which really isn’t very big compared to the sizes they usually buy in. So now we know why it’s so hard to find plastic free pasta because there isn’t any, Plastic Free Pantry is looking to make and sell their own plastic free plastic for package free stores to purchase, so keep your eyes open for that!

The third part of the store has lots of very handy and lovely smelling soaps and I love a good soap! They also have baggies, the scrub which I got, flannels, reusable cups, bees wax covers/wraps and again much more. I mean I could of spent sooooo much more in this store, I love it but I didn’t just want to buy stuff for the sake of it because that’s not good. If you’re based in Essex then get yourself down there, there’s been a lot of Attenborough documentaries which is bringing climate change and plastic pollution to the forefront of everyone’s mind. For a full run down on what I purchased and how much I spent please check out my Instagram Stories, I will make it into a highlight so it’s easy to find and don’t forget to follow me on social media.

Small changes make a huge different!

Much love x