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Body image

Ooo, this is going to be an interesting post! To be honest it’s a difficult one for me to write, you might think why would this be difficult for her to write she’s only a size 8 (probs more a 10 of recent!) what more could she want…
Well I’m sorry the fact is everyone has body confidence issues and I’m not any different. You might look at someone and think they’re much slimmer than me, prettier than me, stronger than me, why would they not like their body!?

Why do we have body issues? Because we look at each other and we think negative things about them and slag each other off, even if its not out loud sometimes its just in our own heads. We look at magazines, TV shows and Instagram and think wow this chick or guy has a great body, I’m so jealous, I wish I looked like that! It’s all very unhealthy, a lot of us have negative thought patterns with body image and it starts to have an effect on our confidence and our relationships with food.

The problem I have is that I thought I would start following Instagram profiles of fitness bloggers because I though that’ll encourage me to get out and run or join a gym again when it actually makes me feel guilty that I don’t do any of those things and that I’m not on some weird diet and that I don’t have a perfectly toned body. Guilt, guilt, guilt everywhere! And that’s the thing I don’t think I’m over weight or that I eat unhealthy food at all I would just like to have a better fitness and body shape/confidence but that doesn’t involve me going on some mental diet, I like food WAY too much to start cutting out food groups!! Carbs are my fav!!

I always remember something a girl at college said to me…that day I’d gone in and to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to dress nicely so I was wearing a pair of boyfriends jeans (remember those!? Proper baggy jeans that look like blokes jeans), a tight vest top tucked into the jeans and a baggy hoodie. Maybe I was feeling rough that day but I was not up for looking nice lets put it that way and this girl told me that I looked anorexic because I looked so skinny, which really upset me. I understand a lot of people out there have eating disorders and it takes them a long time to recover from them and to build a healthy relationship with food again and sometimes they can’t recover! But this comment upset me because I wasn’t and she knew I wasn’t because she actually knew me very well, she just didn’t like the fact that I looked skinny/slim for a size 8 because at the time of being 18 years old I was able to eat a lot of food without putting on weight that’s just due to my high metabolism. For a long time after that comment I felt paranoid that I was too skinny! So it can work both ways some people can make you feel like you’re too big or too small…

Is there really such a thing as ‘just right’!?

Now I look at today, I’m 28 years old and sometimes I still feel paranoid but for different reasons, Instagram was never around when I was a teenager (thank god!) but that didn’t stop us having body confidence issues but this was through the celebs we saw in magazines and on TV and I’m sure they had just as bad a time with it than the normal teenagers. But I can’t even imagine the complicated things teenagers are told now days via Instagram through influencers who have 10k of followers, that’s a massive platform to tell people what they eat and how amazing this new diet they’ve just gone on is! Getting told by one person that diet shakes are great and if you just drink those for a week you’ll have those abs (erm no you won’t, not without some serious working out too!) and then another person that cutting out food groups is the best thing when that generally leads to binge eating because you’re only eating veg and no carbs or fat!

Last year Lucy (who I use to live with) told me about this awesome Instagram account to follow which is the complete opposite to the rest. His name is Dr Joshua Wolrich, his Instagram description sums him right up ‘calling out nutribollocks (looooove this by the way!). Identify your eating disorder. Improve your relationship with food.’ This is by far my favourite account to follow on Instagram, he calls people out on their unhealthy, non scientifically proven diet or new trend on a daily basis! He has 151k of followers and he wants them to improve their relationship with food and this is so important because calling these people out who make us feel like shit all the time because we eat god forbid a chocolate bar it means we’re shit at life or if we don’t go to the gym daily it means we’re obese, no it bloody doesn’t. I actually like going to the gym but I’m not going to let someone make me feel bad because I can’t afford to sign up for one at the moment!!

How can we be happier with our bodies and have a healthier relationship with food?

  1. Unfollow – all the accounts which make you feel like crap! You might think they’re encouraging but when you think about it do they encourage you or do they make you feel guilty that you didn’t go for a run today or that you ate that donut…
  2. Everything in moderation – there’s nothing wrong with eating that donut or those crisps. Just don’t forget those veggies, carbs and protein too!
  3. Build a relationship – with food and exercise to start to improve your body confidence (I’m still working on this, baby steps, but this has helped) start to follow accounts that call out fitness and nutritional BS!! Dr Joshua Wolrich is a good start and so is Lucy Mountain her account is a long a similar line to Josh’s.
  4. Stop judging yourself – and comparing yourself against others this is hard because it does slip through the net sometimes especially if it’s coming up to your summer holiday and you’re looking for a swimsuit etc. You have to remember (and so do I) that bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, I have small boobs and others have big boobs, some people like their bum because its bigger, other people don’t.

Body shapes are like wonky veg the majority of the world are wonky veg rather than the perfect supermarket veg!!

Much love x