A weekend in Copenhagen

At the beginning of the year myself and my boyfriend decided to book a weekend away somewhere, with him being busy with the band he plays in and both being busy at work we wanted to go away somewhere we haven’t been before. I had a look on and we decided on Copenhagen, it’s not too far away so we could just go for the weekend and it was somewhere neither of us had been and we were both super happy on the choice.

Going towards the end of March might not have been the best decision as it was quite cold and windy whilst we were there and a bit grey and rainy but we were in the perfect location. We were staying in the Hotel Skt Annae in Kongens Nytorv, which is 15 minute walk from the very centre and in Nyhavn where you are able to book boat cane tours (we didn’t do this as it was FAR too cold to be on a boat for an hour! But I can imagine it’s beautiful during the spring and summer!). Our hotel was lovely, very modern and clean, they give you free shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, this really helped us with the fact that we were only able to take one small bag on our Ryanair flight! The hotel is perfectly situated, it’s central but far enough back from any main strips that it’s quiet, no street noise at all.

Due to the fact we went to Copenhagen one of the main sites I wanted to see wasn’t open as it’s not open until 4th April and that’s Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest operating amusement park in the world, opening in 1843. We walked passed the amusement park and it does look really cool, it would have been very fun to have gone in one evening, so if you visit Copenhagen in season then find the time to swing by.

On our visit we really enjoyed just walking around! Being so close to Nyhavn meant there were nice streets to walk down, the harbour to enjoy and lots of restaurants and shops. We did also visit the Round Tower, it was built as a platform for the university observatory and for centuries it was the centre of Danish astronomy. The tower has amazing 360 views of Copenhagen, although it was on the cold side it was well worth seeing it! There is a also an observatory at the very top with a telescope but that part wasn’t open fully so we weren’t able to look through that part. As well as the tower it’s self the church which connects to it, Trinitatis was mind blowing too, I’m not religious however I do appreciate great architecture and art, this is a great example of both!

After walking around lots during the day, one evening we decided to visit a jazz club, there is a few in the centre of Copenhagen but I think we ended up picking the busiest one by accident. We went to La Fontaine just as a heads up they do charge 100 DK for entry which is around £11 (roughly what you’d pay to get into the 100club in London) but they do have a specific smoking booth in the club, which was slightly annoying because the club is very small and gets very busy which doesn’t leave you a lot of space to try and watch the bands. The band who were playing the night we went in was Organic 3, a great little jazz trio and wow did they draw a large crowd on a Friday night but if you’re a fan of jazz and want something to do until late in the evening then pop down to La Fontaine, it’s fab!

So, instead of boring you with every little thing I done whilst I was in Copenhagen I will leave you with a few little pearls of wisdom for your first visit or even your next one if you’re thinking of popping back over!

  1. Trains/Metro – Get a metro from the airport to where your hotel is, it won’t take very long at all and it’s so cheap to get a single (around £5.50), much cheaper than getting a taxis or airport transfer!
  2. City Map – I know we all have Google maps now and we used ours a lot this weekend but I picked up a map of Copenhagen at the airport, for free, and it helped no end. We had such a better idea of where we were situated and it gives you a good selection of places to visit on the back on the map.
  3. Open sandwiches – I’m really not sure if this is a Copenhagen thing or just what this particular restaurant does but wow this sandwich was the best I’ve ever had! I know I sound stupid but we honestly didn’t stop talking about it all weekend. So if you have a chance to or your near then pop into Nyhavn 17 you won’t regret it!
  4. Board games – Here’s one for the geeks like me and my boyfriend, there are a lot of board game shops dotted around the city, almost in the same area and it won’t take long to visit all of them!
  5. Music – I touched on jazz clubs earlier but also classical music, I’m still kicking myself that we only discovered this gem when we were leaving for the airport and completely by accident, in Copenhagen cathedral there was a free classical performance there for 30mins but sadly we couldn’t stay for it!
  6. Coffee – There are lots and lots of coffee shops in the city from chain shops to little independent ones, get yourself and coffee and a Danish pastry but they don’t do chocolate eclairs as we found out (unlike Amsterdam!)

Much love x