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Decluttering my life

As I think I’ve mentioned before but I am moving into my own flat in the New Year. New Year, new start you might say! But during this very SLOW packing which I’ve been doing, I’ve made a serious effort to declutter properly this time around before moving instead of moving eight years worth of paper work with me (which is what I have been doing!). This time I am proud to say I’ve been a decluttering machine so I wanted to share with you my tips or what worked best for me, hopefully this will help you to be a decluttering pro in the new year. 

My process was from easy and the decluttering I find the best to do and then I left the hardest ones until last or the things I dreaded decluttering the most…guess what that was, your right the eight years worth of paper work and old pay cheques! If you need to do this fairly quickly then I suggest combining some of the points below to get it done much quicker because this decluttering has taken me around two months. However, if you think doing it all at once will be overwhelming (like I did then following my tips and stages below). 

Lets do this, tips for decluttering your life; 

  1. Clothing – For me this was the easiest, I declutter my wardrobe regularly and have each time I moved house which means I don’t really have that many cothes left. However, I did find myself still holding on to items I hadn’t worn in months or years! So I got straight into the wardrobe and draws, pulled out all my clothes and started to throw items into piles. Worth something – eBay, Good stuff – charity shop and Tatty – recycling/cloths. 
  2. Makeup & skin care – I don’t have much of either but I did have some stuff left over from last Christmas which I didn’t want or use which I gave away to people who I knew would use it. 
  3. DVD’s – I kept a fair few DVD’s but since I moved last time I didn’t put up my bedroom television so I hadn’t used any of my DVD’s for over a year. I took most of them, bar about 10, to CEX and got £18 cash for them. I mean I could of put the boxsets on to eBay but I didn’t think it was worth the hassle. 
  4. Books – I had a few self help and meditation books which I started ages ago but never really connected with them so knew I’d never finish them. So I either gave them away to friends or the charity shop. 
  5. Everything in storage – This included everything under my bed and I can tell you that there was a lot of crap under there! Loads of pictures I bought to hang but to be honest no flat is going to have enough walls to hang them all. I gave many bags of stuff to the charity shop but there was a lot of stuff i’d kept in a ‘memory’ box which just meant nothing to me now, so sadly that all just had to go in the bin except the cards which could be recycled. 
  6. Paperwork – Now I’ve already mentioned this but I’ve been holding on to this stuff for a LONG time! This was such a long time coming I didn’t really know where to start, so I put everything into a pile which I knew I had to keep and then worked backwards. It took ages but I feel so much better now I know all my paper work fit s in one folder. 

One major thing I haven’t decluttered yet is my music, it’s a big task, I have CD’s and records and to be honest I’m very attached to my music. that might be a task for next week. Things to bare in mind when decluttering leave enough time, be brutal, sell things and take things to the charity shop. To give you an idea of how much I sold when decluttering, I made £250 in two months on eBay, that doesn’t include my £18 from CEX for my DVD’s either! So don’t think ‘I can’t be asked to upload them to eBay I will just give them to the charity shop or a friend’ you could be missing out on a bit of pocket money! I hope these tips helped. 

Much love x