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A vision for 2019

I don’t like the word ‘goals’ because in my head I feel it’s harder to attain and much stricter than a vision because a vision will develop or even change throughout the years. I set my original vision around 4 years ago which was very focused on being happy in myself and being in a loving relationship, which I’ve now obtained for me that was the most important part of my vision to achieve. When I set my vision 4 years ago I wanted to have my own zero waste shop which I am now no longer connected to, for many reasons but one of them I have other more important things I’d like to achieve. It’s not a shift in in  ‘goal’s but a shift in mind set and future plans, giving me a great opportunity for me to set a completely new vision for 2019.

After sitting down and looking at my old vision and the reasons I had set those things I now know that this can change my life for the better because my most important points have now been ticketed off. But what do I now set as a new vision for 2019? Now that’s a question! I will give you a couple of little nuggets but I will keep the rest of my cards close to my chest. How very secret squirrel of me! So how do I get to my vision I hear you ask…? Well, firstly I meditate. I know your probably thinking ‘here we go again with all this meditation lark!’ but if you don’t meditate first then I am really not sure how you’d know what are your true ideas and ultimate vision is, sometimes you don’t consciously know what these are.

So to get yourself in the right mindset for this I’d suggest sitting in a quiet room (maybe some background meditation music if that helps) and then ‘check in’ with yourself which I’ve mentioned in a previous post before. Once you’ve ‘checked in’ with yourself you can then start your full meditation how I do this is (it’s up to you if you try my way or not), I personally like to meditate for a long space of time a minimum of 30 minutes any less than this then I don’t think you’ll connect with your unconscious thoughts and feelings. Remember you really want to connect to what your heart really wants no matter how ridiculous to sounds…you might end up getting an idea of your life vision while you’re doing this. 

To connect to my heart whilst meditating I find it easier to visualise it and when I say this I don’t mean visualising a beating heart because to be honest I find visualising hard in meditations, I can only do this by associating body parts to different colours. But whatever works better for you! You might find it easier to hold your hand over your heart so you can feel it beating I know a few people who put their hands on the body part they’re trying to visualise. The key to this meditation is to have a very open heart and paths will start to flood in. I meditated on this for up to an hour if I don’t get any distractions but it’s up to you how deep and long you’d like to meditate for.

Before you start the meditation you want to make sure you have a note pad and pen at the ready because when you have come out of it you’re bound to have stuff to write down because if you’re anything like me you’ll forget it as quick as it came in! Keep your mind as free from interruption as possible so write in a note pad rather than making notes on your phone! Write down any thoughts and feelings which came out of this meditation, bullet points would be easier as you will extend of these later.

The next part is up to you, you can be as creative as you want…depends if you like bullet journaling, you want to vision board it and pin it up or if you want it to be private and create a time line. When I done my vision last time I done it as a time line which meant I could stand over each point and meditate on it, really connecting to how it felt being on each part of the time line. However, if I was more artistic I would have done mine as a bullet journal but I’m just bad at drawing!

Part of my 2019 vision;

Health and fitness – 2018 wasn’t my year for eating healthily or doing any fitness at all. Next year I won’t be able to afford to go to the gym however I will make more of an effort to do home work outs like HIIT. 

Studying – I know both consciously I’ve been beyond crap at studying and I think that’s because unconsciously I don’t think I can do it so as well as getting into a study routine again I also need to work on removing some blocks with studying and obtaining good grades. 

Creativity – I like being very creative and other than this blog its my only creative outlet and sometimes I find it hard to engage with it as much as I would like to. So I think 2019 will be the year for me to discover a creative hobby.

I did have a few things come up for me which I am putting into my life vision section but I’m not going to share them on here. I will keep those ones to myself! 

So this time I done mine as a combination of a time line and a vision board, I was short of magazines so didn’t have many pictures to work with. If you’ve already set your vision for 2019, let me know how you went about setting yours and if you try this way let me know if it works for you!

Much love x