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My Skin Routine Secrets

Interested in my skin routine secrets? Shh!…

Everyone always comments on how clear my skin is and asks me what my skin routine is. My secret…there isn’t one!

The truth is I don’t really do anything or use anything in particular for my skin to be this clear. I wish I could share an amazing skin routine with amazing products but it would be a lie so instead I am going to share with you what I don’t do to my skin I guess! I swear its more exciting than it sounds…

  • I don’t wear makeup very much at all. My boyfriend, friends, family and colleagues know what my face looks like and they’re stuck with it haha! I’ve never really been ‘into’ wearing makeup to be honest, I find it a chore. I also like what I look like when I do eventually wear it, I like that I look different.
  • I splash my face with water everyday one to ensure I actually wake up because as my friends know I am NOT a morning person. I hate waking up in the dark and when its cold. So just before I brush my teeth and have a wash I will always splash my face with water and then dry it with a towel immediately after.
  • I don’t cleanse my face everyday. I actually only use my cleansing bar when I am in the shower or bath and washing my hair. With a cleansing bar it has less chemicals in however I feel it dries my face out more than cleansing gel would.
  • I only use toner once a week (if that!) again I find that it dries out my skin. I’m not sure if that’s because I am just using rose water instead of a properly branded toner. I put a tiny bit of rose water on my homemade cotton pad and I use each pad twice (both sides, to get full use of it before washing them again).
  • I moisturise every day, I say everyday, I usually do but sometimes I do forget in the mornings say if I am staying round my boyfriends or visiting family. At the moment I am still using the Decleor tiny moisturiser I got last Christmas. I love Decleor products they smell amazing and this product has SPF too so its always protecting my skin.

So I guess my secret is that I don’t really do much! I guess the biggest thing from this list is the fact I don’t wear makeup but also because I don’t put a lot of anything on my face so its not constantly getting clogged up with chemicals or goop.

I do of course get the odd spot still, mainly when I am hormonal or if I’ve had a particularly bad diet. Please share with me your skin routines!

Much love x