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Enjoying the free things in life

I’ve been needing to save a lot of money very quickly recently but the problem I have is I like to spend money! I like to go out for dinner, to the cinema, for a coffee, buying books and clothes now the season has changed. So I’ve really had to be strict with myself and to be honest be a bit boring but the reasoning for this because I will be renting my own flat.

So since this decision I’ve been trying to look for things I can do with my boyfriend, friends and family which doesn’t cost any money and to be honest its been a tricky one but I think I’ve found a helpful list. As Autumn has now hit I’ve complied things which you can do during the colder seasons for free.

  1. Movie night – nothing beats a traditional movie night! Watch your favourite films together or all of the Harry Potter films. If you already have Netflix then this is even better, watch all the classic sci-fi films.
  2. Library – all you need is a library card and you can take out books, DVD’s and CD’s as long as you don’t have them for longer than the loan states then this will be free and you can get out as many as you want.
  3. Taster classes – usually your local area will hold free taster classes for things such as yoga and meditation classes to see if you enjoy them. To mix up doing them at home you can attend a free taster class with others.
  4. Board games – get all your old board games out of the cupboard and have a board game day! This is one of my favourite things to do with my boyfriend, we’re sad and love to play cards and board games.
  5. Teach yourself a skill – I’ve made a dreamcatchers recently and I really enjoyed making them, going outside looking for the perfect sticks. Have you always wanted to know how to knit? This is the perfect time!
  6. Declutter – I’ve been doing this a lot lately as I will be moving in the new year and there’s a lot of stuff I don’t want to move with so I’ve started to seriously declutter. It’s actually fun once you get into it but you do need to do little bits at a time otherwise you can get totally overwhelmed.
  7. Cultural things – if you live in London especially you have many museums at your disposal which are free to enter, although sometimes they do ask for a donation so that is something to bare in mind.
  8. Sports – get your friends together and play five aside football or tag rugby. As long as you have a field or park near you and a ball you’re sorted!
  9. Volunteer – why not volunteer for a charity ‘Bat conservation society’ will take you out and get you involved and you’ll be spending time outside. The same with the RSPB they have free activities but again they might ask for a £2 donation.
  10. Learn to play – an instrument. Have you always wanted to play guitar or piano then this would be the perfect opportunity so you can now pick up that guitar that you’ve had for years.

Now I am saving money I won’t be going out or spending as much money I will be focusing on spending my time with the people I love and becoming more of an adult.

Much love x