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The negative effects on our negative thoughts

Have you ever looked into what negative thoughts can do to your mind, body and spirit? I am writing this as I sit saddened and frustrated at myself and by the fact I’ve had to cancel the Positive Eco Fair. The event was something I was very excited to enjoy and share the experience with like minded people, my friends, family and boyfriend. Due to a few stalls dropping out and not being able to find a replacement last minute I had to cancel the event.
Even writing it down has upset me in a massive way! I feel so annoyed at myself, I keep getting the same negative thoughts cross my mind when I am disappointed in myself they always pop up. The big one for me is ‘I’m not good enough!’, ‘I can’t do anything right’, I’m rubbish at everything I do’. And these thoughts start to take a toll and really poke away at your self confidence and self belief.
At this moment in time I think it’s going to take a lot for me to jump back on the horse and start to think about organising the fair again. Yes, this is the point of my post to share how there can be massive negative effects on your own negative thoughts. This is why I’ve taken the time to sit and write how I am feeling in the moment and not let it swirl around in my body.
I have big, important and positive things happening at work and in my personal life at the moment and I don’t want this negativity to cling on to me and drown everything positive happening in my life. For me to catch my thought process, observe it and let it go. It’s a big deal for m, something five years ago I would of never have done and even today I find very hard to do! I know for a fact this negative thought process for me and I am sure others is deeply engrained as it comes back round in a spiral every now and again.
Now I’ve caught it and I can see it, I’m going to sit with it a bit but not attach myself to the feelings and thoughts. I’m just viewing it from afar. I catch it mid spiral, say thank you for protecting me but I don’t need your help anymore and then let it go. Why do you say thank you to the negative thoughts? Because they’ve always been there to protect and serve you for one reason or another and now you know you no longer need them so you thank them for their support. It’s very important to not connect with the feeling by also not to disconnect with it either.
How do I catch my negative thoughts before it causes me any negative effect?

  1. Sit as if you’re meditating, that could be with candles or music what ever works for you. Meditate with the thoughts and feelings. Just before your emotions catch on to the thoughts or feelings draw back and observe it from afar (visualisation will help you with this).
  2. When you get to the observation what really helps me is to cup both my hands one on top of the other and place them on my heart or chest. This helps me to observe but not to connect. I sit there for a few minutes.
  3. When I feel like I am ready I will take a deep breath in through my nose and exhale from my mouth then I say ‘Thank you’. I do this about 10 times or until I feel happy and satisfied.
  4. It can really help to journal after like you would a normal meditation, if you felt specifically strong feelings whilst doing this it’s great to take note of it so you can review it then next time.

Again this is just something which helps me get out of a negative thought pattern. For some of you this might be too ‘woo woo’! If you do try it and it works for you let me know.

Much love x