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Be a lone wolf

I know it’s been a while sorry I’ve been really busy with organising The Positive Eco Fair but I’ve not got into a slight routine which might help with my writing. Anyway enough with the boring stuff, let’s begin with the good stuff!

I love my own company and I’m not afraid to admit it! I enjoy spending time alone in my room, going for walks, visiting the cemetery, going on holiday on my own and just getting shit done which needs to be done. I couldn’t recommend it enough, in fact this whole post is dedicated to be recommending it to you. Take time for yourself! But I’m not talking about the odd hour I mean dedicate half a day, a whole day, a long weekend or even a week to be in your own company.

Don’t be scared to go on a long weekend or a holiday by yourself because your worried what your thought processes might be in your own company, you might start to over think or your insecurities come out. Let them! Let them come out and flow but don’t attach yourself to them view them, see them, feel them and then let them go. If your worried because you like structure in your life and love a good list (I mean who doesn’t!), then set a loose plan for the day but I’d highly recommend doing it as freely as possible and letting it flow.

If your not too sure about how to set off on your first lonely journey then I’ve come up with a few ideas some big, some small.

  1. Go off the grid – Turn off your phone or put it on ‘do not disturb’ my boyfriend does this a lot and is very good at being strict with how much screen/tech time he has. I’ve recently taken a leaf out of his book and have installed a ‘stay focused’ app on my phone and have only aloud myself a certain amount of screen time for each app everyday. It also tells me how long I’ve used my phone for and that’s enough to make you put it back down! Try to do this for half a day at the very least butt a whole day would be better.
  2. Start a journey – You might not have a destination but when you start your journey either on foot, by bike or in a car you’ll end up in places you’ve never been before. You’ll experience things you’ve never seen or heard, the waves crashing at the beach. It’s been at least a year since I’ve been on a beach and that makes me sad.
  3. Put pen to paper – When you start to disconnect with technology and your phone and reconnect with yourself and your creativity you will start to flow much more. Maybe you’ll start painting again, pick up your journal or finish writing the chapter of your book which never got finished. It’s funny because I might be posting this now but I actually wrote this when I was at a festival on my own waiting for my team to arrive.
  4. Be with yourself – Sit in silence. Be one with your thoughts, view them then let them go. It doesn’t have to be a strict meditation but just sitting in silence can start to draw your attention to help you focus, then start to connect with your breathe.
  5. What do you miss – What do you miss doing because you never seem to have the time to do it anymore? It could be playing an instrument, knitting, going to the gym or even just sitting  listening to records in peace (this is my happy place).

Remember don’t be afraid to be alone with yourself in your own company. It’s so healthy to have this time to reconnect with yourself, your creativity and what you love. My boyfriend and I are the same when it comes to alone time, we both love our alone time he likes to practise his drums and he reads a lot and I like to listen to records and go for solitary walks.

I’m writing this as I sit alone in my tent at a festival waiting for the rest of my team to arrive, with a pen and pad!

Much love x


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