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Improve your clothing foot print

At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself that I would only purchase clothes which are second hand or from an ethical clothing brand and so far this year I have been doing well! I’m really impressed with myself, it means that everything I’ve bought has already had a previous owner. What has made this easier for me is the fact I have found a couple of really good stores on Depop which sell the most amazing true vintage or retro style clothing. My favourite of these stores being Luna Spirit, she picks the most incredible 1970’s pieces which are so stylish and modern even now.


I’ve booked a holiday to Morocco at the end of September and I want to ensure I wear the correct style of clothes, as the country is much more conservative I don’t want to offend or draw the wrong attention and I’ve found some fantastic items. A lot of the clothes Luna Spirit has uploaded are perfect including jumpsuits, maxi dresses and shirts therefore I’ve got a lot of my holiday attire from her Depop store. I also found a great store called Tweedy Clothing which I found at Camp Bestival and they make their clothing from upcycled silk and they’re incredible items of clothing. You can clearly tell they’ve been made with lots of love and attention.


However, I am still on the hunt for a nice dress I can wear to a party I’ve been invited to in September and I’m struggling with this purchase to be honest, at the moment I’m really not sure what I want to wear but I’m thinking of going a lot trendier than I’d usually dress. I don’t actually need a new dress for the part but you know when you want to revamp and slightly update your wardrobe especially as during spring I realised I had very little summer clothes.

Most of my wardrobe consists of autumn or winter clothing, jumpers, jeans and boots. I am thinking that before the start of autumn I will review my wardrobe again and then give away or sell a few items I’m not really that bothered about anymore, a few being dresses which I’ve over worn and its now time for someone else to enjoy them!
Before this year I didn’t realise how much energy and plastic I was adding to the environment just from purchasing new clothing from high street and online stores. If you don’t research it yourself then you will never know because its not something the media has clung on to or felt its something that the wider public need to know.

Our clothing purchases and choices are poisoning our oceans via microfibers from washing our clothes and adding to the plastic problem by making clothing out of polystyrene, so it is important that we increase our knowledge on what fabrics are better to purchase (even second hand), this is something I’ve started to look into a bit more recently.


Did you know that once you’ve washed your clothes the microfibers then travel to the local waste water plant, where up to 40% of them enter rivers, lakes and oceans. That is a massive percentage of micro plastics entering rivers, lakes and oceans just from us washing our clothes, so think to yourself, how often do I wash my clothes?!

What can you do to help you improve your clothing foot print? These are a few things I’ve been slowly doing to help mine.
1. Shop second hand: There are so many items of clothing which need new homes so why not give them one! A piece of clothing which someone else has fallen out of love with you may fall in love with.

2. Natural fibres: Cotton and wool, stick to things which can be sourced naturally rather than using polyester. Fabrics and fibres that are biodegradable will make a big difference to your clothing foot print.

3. No chemicals: Clothing which hasn’t been put through a dramatic chemical routine during the manufacturing process. This might well be much harder to come across but its worth having a search. Some companies out there use vegetable dyes for example.

4. Washing your clothes: How often do you wash your clothes, this can differ from a family of 5 to someone who lives on their own. For me its up to twice a week, could I cuts this down? Maybe review your washing habits too. There is also a great product called a Guppy Friend, you put your washing in it then put it into the machine and it’s meant to minimalise the amount of micro plastics which go into the water system.

5. Sustainable source: There are now a good few eco friendly and sustainable clothing stores around such as People Tree and Where Does It Come From both great places to grab highly made and sustainably sourced clothing.


Much love x


P.S. The stats above were taken from the below article