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Myths – Dreadlocks

I’ve had dreadlocks in my hair now for about two months and I love them! They’re my favourite thing, I think they give my hair much more personality I have beads and string on some of them and then the others are left naked. I feel like I can really bring my personability through my hair much more now than ever before and I’ve had a fair few different hair styles and this is the one I feel is much more me.

In this post I’d like to crush some dreadlock stereotypes because a lot of people including my family and friends think they’re dirty, well guess what, you’re wrong! I do only have partial dreadlocks and not a full head (would love a full head though!) however even if I had a full head I’d still feel the same about the stereo types.

So what do people think about people who have dreadlocks? (generally)
1. You have dirty hair! No I don’t have dirty hair, I wash my hair exactly the same as I did before I got them. Even if you have a full head of dreadlocks you can wash your hair, some do it twice a week, once a week or once every two weeks. The reason you don’t wash your hair as regularly is because the dreads will take a whole day to dry, that’s a lot of drying! Also as a side not to this, your hair doesn’t become dreaded because you don’t wash it (well it does and you can do it like that if you want but that’s not a professional way to get dreads). Your hair is knotted, back combed and croquet into a lock, this is actually done with care and also means you can wash your hair, yay!
2. You don’t care for your hair! Wrong, dreads might be low maintenance but there is still stuff to do to keep them looking nice and to ensure your scalp isn’t always itchy. Keeping them looking neat, either with a palm role or a croquet hook. You want your scalp and dread to be conditioned (I’m bad at this because I never use to condition my normal hair!) however I love a bit of scalp care because I do suffer from an itchy head if I’ve had them tightened, a new one in or if I’ve not washed my hair recently like at a festival.
3. You’re a hippy! Not necessarily, I’ve seen many metal heads with dreads and they’d hate to be called a hippy. I’m probably a bit more on the hippy side but not properly (by that I mean I’m not a 60’s flower power, naked all the time kind of chick). However, I do sway more to the hippy side but I’d still love to wear a pair of DM’s and a Fred Perry.

So now we’ve got that part out of the way I can go into much more detail about these lovely things called dreadlocks which are actually really nice and aren’t scary or dirty. You might think you need long hair for dreadlocks, I’m here to tell you that you don’t.

My hair length just reaches my shoulders, so it’s still short but I do have pretty think hair even with an undercut. You will see a lot of people with long lush dreadlocks, like I saw when I first started looking into them now a few of these people might have truly long hair but when you have your hair dreaded the dreads actually shrink they don’t grow. Many people then decide to have extensions put on the ends to lengthen the dreads and its also a great way to add colour in too, you might decide to have two tone hair now because it much easier. Extensions are best made from human hair but you can buy some which are made from wool and I think they’re probably cheaper, so if you’re looking for the lush dread effect I’d advise looking into buying extensions and getting them fitted (it’ll be much easier than fitting them yourself).

With regards to dread care there are a few things you can do and make yourself which will help you to care for your gorgeous dreads. Conditioning is good because it helps with itchy scalp which you will get at some point or another! I was really bad at conditioning my hair before I got dreads even though I was dying and straightening it regularly. But I always feel my hair is too soft if I condition it (weird I know!) so I’ve just been using my Lani hair oil which has been working really well for me but again I don’t use this much properly only once a month actually I think if I had a full head of dreads I would condition my hair more.

So I’m serious thinking about getting fake dreads so I can see what partial dreads looks like on my hair and also if my family and boyfriend decide they don’t like them then I can take them out super easily, with no stress or brushy out necessary.

I hope this dreadlock post helped you maybe make a decision on if you’d like a dreads or smash some myths!

Much love x