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Lone Wolves Organics – Juice Cleanse

So I decided to do a juice cleanse off the back of being at Download for a week, eating badly and generally feeling like crap! There is the best juice bar and vegan café in Coggeshall, Essex called Lone Wolves Organics and they have the most amazing juices. As I was sitting there enjoying my lovely coco flamingo smoothie and sam’s surf snack, a raisin bagel with nut butter, banana and flaked coconut – yes, it’s as good as it sounds. In fact its like heaven on a plate – NOM! I started reading their information on the juice cleanse they offer, it sounded so great I decided to chat to them about it.

You can choose from 3, 5 or 7 days. I was a wimp and went for just the 3 days. When I’ve tried to do a juice cleanse on my own it didn’t go too well, one juice was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. So I’m never making them myself again, it helps that I have full trust in Lois and Sam’s fabulous juices! Everyone thinks I’m crazy starting a juice cleanse on a Friday because I won’t be able to eat over the weekend and eat out (which to be honest it hadn’t crossed my mind!).  The reason I chose to do it over the weekend is because I was worried that if I was struggling throughout the day it would throw me off of my work.

The juice cleanse is super organised, you can pick up your juices the day before or all in one go (I went for the day before), you receive 6 juices for the day and one wellness shot. You can go through the juice menu and pick out the ones you’re less likely to drink (celery and cucumber ones for me, yuck!). Once you’ve decided on your 6 juices, they will then write out a schedule for you to follow including which time of day to have them and in which order, also when to have the G&T shot.


My schedule runs from 8am to 8pm having a juice every two hours and my shot at 4pm, reading it they seem to be spread out nicely and I think that’ll work best for me. Another great tool Lone Wolves Organics provides you with is welcome information and FAQs. I usually have a few coffees throughout the day so they suggest drinking green tea to keep the systems at bay, along with plenty of water and other herbal teas. I love me some peppermint tea so I’m all over the herbal tea drinking too. At the moment the only thing I think I will miss is crunching and having things other than liquid but we shall see how I get one. I will be posting my progress on Instagram and will save all my stories so you can look back at them to check them out.

Day one:

The start of the juice cleanse went really well. I was really enjoying all the juices, bar the one which had celery and cucumber in but that was ok because Lone Wolves Organics were perfectly happy for me to switch it to another juice. I had six juices and a G&T shot to last me from 8am-8pm, I was doing really welling during the morning and even early afternoon.

It got to about 2pm and I hit a wall, after being fairly active at work which increased my appetite a lot. I started to get a little worried I’m not going to lie, I started to think ‘I can’t make it through all three days!’. It might not seem like a lot but three days is a long time not to eat when I love food so much. So I decided to have a really early night in the hope I’d feel better the next day and guess what I did!

Day two:

I woke up feeling great on day two, I had all this energy considering I hadn’t eaten anything the day before! My stomach felt a bit unsettled for a few hours in the morning but once I had a peppermint tea it calmed back down again. My body is use to ingesting a lot of toxins (sugar and carbs mostly) so I do think it was a bit of a shock to the system. I didn’t feel hungry at all on the second day, its really hard to explain but I just felt empty not hungry, my belly didn’t rumble at all.

Hot herbal tea was a great suggestion from Lone Wolves Organics, if you start to struggle to drink all the juices and you need a bit of a change then drink some herbal tea instead. This was a game changer for me! Peppermint, green and chamomile tea all day along with water and my juices. Chamomile tea was my favourite thing to drink before bed, it really helped to settle me into a good sleep routine (which I will try to keep).

Day three:

The thing I found hard about day three or the weekend in general was going out for ‘lunch’ and round my boyfriends for ‘dinner’ and not actually eating. The smell of the food cooking would make me a bit jealous not that I felt hungry but by day three I was really missing chewing and crunching food. I so just wanted to eat an apple! Again I woke up on day three after having 11 hours sleep feeling great, just being able to wake up easier and not having that tired feeling I usually had made all the difference.

I decided to write out a shopping list and buy food for the next week on day three so I had healthy and nice food to have after my cleanse. Lone Wolves Organics advice you slowly reintroduce food groups like gluten and meat products which is why all the meals I’m making this week are vegetarian. I did buy some gluten but will have this in moderation as I don’t want to clog myself back up straight away the same goes with carbs such as pasta. I’ve already been slowly reducing how much meat I consume but during this juice cleanse have realised that I’ve not been craving any meat at all. the only thing I did crave in fact was an apple.


I think during this juice cleanse its the most hydrated I’ve ever been in my life! I’ve felt so much better just from drinking lots of liquid and having many more vitamins and minerals. They do say that most of the time hunger sensation is actually due to the fact you’re dehydrated and I do suffer from headaches a lot especially at work and it’ll be due to not drinking enough water. Overall I had a great experience on my juice cleanse both Lois and Sam were great with advise and encouragement when you need it the most, that’s something additional you get with this cleanse as most will just leave you to it. It also makes you realise how strong your mind is and how you’re conditioned to eat three meals a day even know you might not actually be hungry.

I would highly recommend Lone Wolves Organics juice cleanse, it £36 a day so you can decide if you want to start small like me on the three days or go all in with 5 or 7 days. If you end up doing the juice cleanse please Instagram me, I’d be interested to know how you found it! Also don’t forget to check out my saved Instagram stories on my juice cleanse journey!

Much love x




Disclaimer: I’m not a vegetarian or vegan however I do enjoy food creation by this café and was looking to detoxify my diet and to kick start a healthier one.