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DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

Attitude organic is the solution for all the trendy and busy women who wish to be healthier and greener. Doesn’t that sounds awesome!? When Marine, the Founder of Attitude Organic, moved to Asia she found it difficult to find her normal natural skin care. Marine realised it was a tough task to find natural, bio, organic and ethical products in some countries – I think we’ve all felt like that, I know I have! So luckily for us she came up with the fabulous website Attitude Organic, which includes tips, tricks and advise on all things green and ethical.

So I’d like to introduce Marine as my first guest blogger and her fantastic DIY Natural Beauty Recipes…

Have you heard of juniper berry? We use this plant to make the gin you might love drinking but also to prepare an amazing Essential Oil! At Attitude Organic, we use it to fight acne problems and skin aging, to heal and soothe the skin and to enhance our overall body wellness!

Not only amazing to use alone, blending juniper berry essential oil with other aromatherapy essential oil can create a completely new personalised skin care product according to your needs and problems! Today, we would like to share with you some of our favourite DIY natural beauty recipes. Check them out!

Aging-fight night serum
Fighting the sign of aging is never too late! In fact, it should be prevented at such a young age with natural products!

10 drops of natural lavender Essential oil (lavender essential oil)
30 drops of natural frankincense Essential oil (frankincense essential oil)
5 drops of juniper berry Essential oil (juniper berry essential oil)
20 of natural helichrysum oil
Organic coconut oil (coconut oil)

Mix all the ingredients and put the preparation in a small clean glass dropper bottle. If there’s still some space left, put enough organic coconut oil to fill the space and mix it again. Use it during the night on the area that needs to be treated.

Acne Face Mask
If your skin is prone to acne follow the below steps!

3 table spoons of Green clay
2 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
1 drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil
Rose water to dilute

Mix all the ingredients together until you get a creamy texture. Apply a thick layer on your face and keep it on for 5-10 minutes. Do not let the clay dry out, as it will irritate the skin. Wash it off and moisturize your skin as usual.

Light-Feet Oil
Do you love wearing high heels? Or are you going for adventure, exploring and hiking? You definitely have to make sure that your feet are in its optimum condition so you have fun! This natural beauty recipe will lighten your feet and relieve the pain.

8 drops of juniper berry essential oil
6 drops of citrus oil
6 drops of rosewood essential oil
5 drops of cinnamon oil

Blend these oils together nicely and massage your leg starting from your calf down to your feet before wearing any high heels or go on a long walk/hike!

Fresh scent body powder
If you want to avoid deodorants, we have an alternative for you. This talc-free and all-natural body powder maintains your body odor and freshness.

What you need:
10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops of juniper berry essential oil
5 drops of myrtle
5 drops of citrus oil
2tsp of cornstarch

In a clean wide-mouthed glass jar, put cornstarch and mix it with essential oil nicely. Close the lid tightly and let it sit for 24 hours before using. Shake well and apply.

Detoxifying body scrub
When you are extremely busy and tired from work, your skin may look tired and dull at the end of the day. This aromatic scrub is soothes and takes off any dirt and dead skin cell. Your skin will look rejuvenated and refreshed!

15 drops of juniper berry essential oil
15 drops of citrus oil
227g of fine pink Himalayan salt
60ml Calendula oil
60ml jojoba oil

Mix and blend all ingredients together and put it in a clean glass mason jar. Take a small amount of the product and gently scrub your targeted area and rinse with warm water before proceeding to your usual shower regime.

Aches-Soothing Morning Bath Salt
This recipe would be great to use on Friday night or on the weekend when you’re just done with all the deadlines that torn your body off! This natural bath blend will sooth any aches or pain in your body. Besides, its aromatherapy scent also calms your mind!

2 drops of juniper berry essential oil
1 drop of rosemary oil
1 drop of cypress oil
1 drop of lavender oil
125g of fine pink Himalayan salt

Mix well the essential oils and salt in a small bowl, pour the product into a full, warm bath and relax! Easy, right?

We hope you will enjoy and see the benefits of those recipes. Have fun trying! You can see more on our website