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Expanding your knowledge

I’ve been MIA lately, sorry about that, it’s a busy time at work for me at the moment and I’ve also started my Environmental Studies Alevel which I need to give a lot of time to as well. I am also writing a few blog posts for other blog which will be out soon, so keep you eyes peeled for those! Anyway I thought I would do a short but sweet post for you all on expanding your knowledge.

I love a good documentary, I’m not much of a reader you see so watching a documentary is a way I expand my knowledge and then its book reading. Netflix is a good source to watch brilliant and critically acclaimed documentaries from David Attenborough to the more obscure nature films. I’ve tried to narrow down my suggestions to my top 5, which is very hard for me to do but I think I’ve got some great ones listed.

Birthday Canyon, Greenland ice sheet

  1. Chasing Ice: If you find it hard to grasp climate change then this is a great one to start with. It really goes in-depth with melting ice caps, rising sea levels and polar wildlife.
  2. Mission Blue: This is documented by oceanographer Sylvia Earle’s and goes into threats of over fishing, toxic waste, coral bleaching and plastic pollution.
  3. The Ivory Game: A massively in-depth look at global ivory trafficking, exposing poachers and dealers, this one is very intense.
  4. A Plastic Ocean: A new addition to Netflix and has been greatly received since the new found public knowledge of plastic pollution but if you think you know then watch this documentary because you don’t. It’s an eye opener!
  5. Before the Flood: If you’re are looking for more of a political documentary regarding global warming and climate change then this is the one for you. Leonardo DiCaprio investigates man made global warming and speaks to a lot of companies and political figures to discuss what’s happening to cut down on this.

If you’ve seen of these before let me know what were your favourite films and what ones are great which I’ve missed off of my list.

Much love x


p.s: images used in this post are not mine, they were found on Google