Earth Day – Half Earth

Only by committing half of the planets surface to nature can we hope to save the immensity of life forms that compose it –  E.O.Wilson

As tomorrow is Earth Day I wanted to spend sometime sharing with you what I’ve been reading about recently, well I say recently I’m a slow reader I ‘ve actually been reading this book for a year now but it wow’s me every time I read a page. Half Earth is a book written by biologist and naturalist, Edward Wilson, his idea on putting aside half the earth for conservation. He doesn’t mean we will cut the world in half and humans live on one side and animals live on the other, they with coincide with each other like current conservation parks and reserves such as ones in Africa. Conserving both land and sea, protecting the species which live within it and reviving the biodiversity of the planet.

It is great that currently the media have really pushed and brought to light how much plastic is destroying and damaging the planet and our wildlife however there isn’t a big enough spot light on other issues such as deforestation, loss of habitat. There are currently two environment crisis happening at the moment, one being climate change, which most people are aware of whether they believe it or not and two is extinction acceleration.

Extinction has accelerated 100 – 1000 times faster now than it was when we first come on to the planet. It’s estimated that by the end of century we could be down to half the species we have at the moment. To me that is horrifying! I know we’re not all conservationists but there are things we can do, which now thanks to the media, many people have started to change their buying habits and relationship with plastic. But what else can we do to help these amazing people to conserve the earth?

  1. Education – This is such an important point! I personally think it starts with here, reading and watching YouTube videos on Half Earth and the concept and then sharing with others what you’ve discovered.
  2. Generational – Teaching your little ones about the importance of biodiversity, different species and their place in the eco system.
  3. Nature Friendly – Make sure space nature friendly, your gardens are a great place to start. Check out RSPB and Wildlife Trust website for ideas on what you can do from bee houses to butterfly friendly flowers.
  4. Human Friendly – I like to discuss these types of issues in a friendly non threatening way, I find it’s the best way to get people on board. You don’t shove it down their throats but you did tell them why they should care about the planet and the species within it.
  5. Nature Reserves – Visit your local nature reserves, you will have to pay to get into these however, its more than worth it! Your money will go towards helping them keep the reserve open and to open other ones, we want to encourage more protected space remember. The UK might be small in comparison to the USA or Africa but it doesn’t means we don’t have more spaces which we can preserve.

The good thing about science is its true whether you believe it or not – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Creating a Half Earth will be “humanities greatest achievement” says E.O.Wilson…

Much love x