Being a student again

I’ve always been interested in wildlife and conservation, this is mainly because my dad is a bird watcher and when I was young I’d get dragged out twitching with him. It wasn’t until I got older that I was actually interested in going out with him and learning more, visiting reserves and local bird patches is now fun to me.

I’ve never been one for school or college, I always struggled with exams and generally any school work but especially maths, how I hate maths! So I thought long and hard about doing this course, I asked my boyfriend so many times what he thought he must of got sick of me asking him but I always like to know the people who are close to me thoughts on things before I do something. It’s a weird thing I do…anyway, after much debating I decided to sign up for an A Level in Environmental Studies which combines my love for the environment and wildlife but also my hatred for maths.

Only recently have I started this course and I’ve already had to nip my negative thinking in the bud a few times. Thinking I’m not smart enough to do this course, that I am bad at exams, that I’m not going to be able to juggle working, blogging and studying. At the moment the last point is the one which I am worrying about the most (at this stage) because summer is a very busy time for me at work from now until April and then finding a good balance between blogging and studying as well. So I’ve decided to write out a weekly studying and blogging plan but also an overall 12 month studying plan to ensure I finish at least two study books a month which gives me up until March and my exams are due in May. In theory this leaves me enough time to learn everything and keep going back through it before my exams.

Anyway I’ve really noticed that I need to keep my negative thoughts in check to be able to help me achieve what I want and get to my end goal because this is a subject I’m passionate about I want to push myself to pass it. Not only that I want to prove to myself that I can do it and I’m not the same as I was when I was at school and college, I am intelligent enough to complete a course.

As I said its been a while since I’ve done any kind of education like this so I’ve really wanted to nail how I note take. I’m a very visual person, I’m not really into spreadsheets or lengthy stats, I have to break stuff down, colour coordinate it, draw images and pin them up. It also helps me if I am using a note book I really like and at the moment I am using a book which I got in a goodie bag from Southeast bloggers club, the blank page note book from Bombus which is very pretty!

So the tips I have so far for study, which help me are;

  1. Colour coordinate – it helps with remembering specific words, quotes and stats which may otherwise get lost in your brain with the rest of the stuff.
  2. Draw – drawing images helps me to associate it with something I can remember easily. This is good with the science side of things for this course.
  3. Abbreviate –  saves you time when writing it but also the exams are more likely to use the abbreviations to try and trick you, so make sure you’ve learnt them all.
  4. Pin up – putting my mini notes up on a pin board helps me to break up the mass of note taking compared to the equations I need to know which for me will be harder to remember.
  5. Invest – it might be worth investing in a tutor to help you with the parts you struggle with and lots of revision books, can never get enough revision books!

Hope this helps! I will keep you updated on any other tips I discover over the next 11 months.

Much love x