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Summer festivals

I work at summer music festivals up and down the country as part of my Events Manager job which means I am away from home a lot for a good few months. Music festival are a massive part of British culture during the summer and why not, we have plenty of great ones to visit from Glastonbury (which sadly isn’t on this year), Download, Reading & Leeds, Bestival and so many more!

Its not just music which makes our festivals so popular its also the fashion, what’s on trend and what’s not. As I am sure you’re aware of by now, I don’t really care for what’s trendy but I’ve collated a list of eco friendly and sustainable items which will either be a saviour to you during festival session or will look fabulous!


Peep eyewear

It wouldn’t be a festival without having a pair of gorgeous sunnies!! Nothing says cool like some great sunglasses, it’ll basically be your statement piece without each outfit you wear for the whole summer. Peep have amazing vintage sunglasses available on their website, you’ll fall in love with every pair! Prices range from £49 – £250, but seriously don’t hang around because they sell out quickly.


lonewolves creative tee

Lonewolves Creative

Grow with the flow. What more could you ask for a tee which promotes love, compassion and good feels…what says music festival more than that? Made from organic cotton, and printed with water based vegan and responsible ink. How many boxes can this tee tick…all of them! Grab this from Lonewolves Creative for £20 – bargin!


Wawwa beanie

Wawwa Clothing

I’ve only very recently discovered this brand via an Instagram ad, see I don’t mind being advertise to when it’s something I’m going to like and I love this brand! I’m going to be a downer now but it’s England so lets be honest, at some point, at some festivals it will be raining and cold so make sure you get yourself a beanie hat…it’s a must have. Wawwa has some great vegan approved products on their website including beanies and caps, this is from the ‘more than hats for the homeless’ range, when you buy one they will donate one another to someone unfortunate enough to be on the street, get this for £15.


ecoalf white bag


Backpacks are super handy to have at a festival, try to not take too much stuff with you. Roll up your clothes and make them fit into a backpack, it’ll save your life and you can also distribute the weight…no one shoulder ache here! This backpack is made from recycled bottles, amazing I know, no reason not to get one. Ecoalf is a European brand, that’s why the price points are slightly weird, get yourself this bag for £98.18.


elephant box water bottle

Elephant Box

As Glastonbury isn’t on this year where are you going to purchase your reusable, plastic free water bottle? I’m glad you asked, I’ve mentioned Elephant Box in my previous about water bottles but it’s so important to get a reusable bottle for festivals. All major UK festivals and events will have drinking water taps around the site, please ensure you use them and don’t keep purchasing plastic bottled water. Elephant Box sell there bottles for £17, hook yourself up!

Just Trade

Just Trade

Everyone needs a nice piece of statement jewellery to wear at a festival or just all summer really! All these pieces of jewellery is fair trade to help women educate their children and secure a better future for their families. Each piece of jewellery is funky and super pretty! Just Trade are selling this geometric piece for £28.

No matter where you are this summer make sure it’s an ethical one, there’s so many brands out there to help you make your festival session as eco friendly as possible!

Much love x



Disclaimer: All images used in this post are from the brands website, these were not taken by me. Feature image taken by Justine Louise Photography.