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Ethical sexual health routine*

Spring has finally hit, although looking at the weather you wouldn’t think so! As we’ve just entered April the showers have started to fall but don’t let this stop you from spring cleaning your routine. Most of you will think I’m talking about cleaning your house or maybe even getting a more natural skin care routine but I’m not, I actually want to discuss spring cleaning your sexual health routine.

Did you know that almost half of sexually active young people do not use condoms when sleeping with someone for the first time and more than a third of young people thinking that carrying protection is a sign someone is promiscuous?

After reading that stat I was shocked that not more young people are using condoms before finding out if the person they’re sleeping with has an STI. Why would you assume that the person you’re sleeping with doesn’t have an STI? Because they told you they don’t…most people don’t notice symptoms when having something like Chlamydia and they can even take up to three weeks to appear. In that time a young person could have unprotected sex with multiple people before symptoms even arrive.

One in 10 sexually active 16-24 year olds, the age group that accounted for 59% of Chlamydia and gonorrhoea diagnoses in England in 2016, said they never used a condom. This is a massive issue which needs to be viewed by the government, schools, colleges and universities to try and crack down on the issue, maybe handing out free condoms and changing the stereo type of them being bad, uncool or even meaning that you’re promiscuous (when maybe you’re not).


Fair Squared have five different types on condoms available from ultra thin to max perform, all made from natural and fair trade latex and are all vegan friendly as they do not use casein. Having a safer sexual health routine doesn’t mean it has to be boring, just be more prepared and don’t feel bad about saying no to sex just because you want to use a condom.

Why not get yourself the full sexy set? Throw in some green tea lube and a amazingly smelling cocoa candle. In case you’re unsure about ethical lube then you don’t need to worry it’s a natural, water based body care product suitable for massages and as a lubricant. The vegan formula is made from fair trade green tea and you’ll be pleased to know that the lube doesn’t affect the vagina’s PH balance – score!! Also get yourself the candle it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever smelt, it smells like you can eat it but don’t…!

If you’re in a new relationship or maybe just having a bit of fun, I’m not here to judge ,I just want to try and encourage a safer, healthier and more ethical sexual routine and using Fair Squared condoms is a tiny step towards spring cleaning your sexual health routine.

Fair Squared produce cruelty free, vegan friendly and fair trade products using natural ingredients in all their skin care and hygiene products.

Much love x


p.s the Pj’s in the pictures used are from Primrose and Pixie

p.p.s all stats above were used from this Guardian article