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Eko baby*

I don’t have any little mini me’s myself but I have a lot of friends who’ve recently had babies and a lot of them have said it’s hard to find eco friendly clothes, products and toys for their little ones. So when I discovered Eko Earth I thought it was a great opportunity for me to share with my friends and other parents, who’re more eco conscious, brands which have the same values as well as brilliant products.

Eko Earth have a wide range of baby and toddler products on their website from teethers and bath toys to bottles and dummies, all made from ethical materials, BPA and PVC free. I was given the Lanco Apple Teether, I’ve always thought even as a person who doesn’t have a baby, that teethers seem to be too hard for a chewing baby. So I was really happy when I received the apple teether because its made from soft natural rubber and is the perfect size for tiny hands. You might be thinking the same as I was, natural rubber…how? Well the Spanish company Lanco make all their rubber toys from a natural source, the rubber is found from the sap from a Hevea tree and all the products are hand painted with non-toxic food grade dyes. How cool is that!

These teethers and toys really do tick all the boxes! As well as Lanco items, Eko Earth also stocks bamboo dinner sets, place mats and snack pots, it’s never been easier to avoid BPA and PVC products for your little ones. High street shops are seriously slacking in safe baby and toddler items which are non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable and hygienic.

If you’re struggling to find products perfect for your baby and perfect for the planet then look no further than Eko Earth.

Much love x