South East Blogger Club

On Thursday 22nd March I was invited to attend the South East Bloggers Club event at Layer Marney Towers, which is just down the road from me, so I couldn’t say no and with all the interesting stands available I was not going to say no. The event is set in a beautiful venue, a Tudor manor set in the Essex countryside, I think when you live in England especially Essex you forget that there is amazing sites and places to visit.

As my first blogger event I was impressed with how much thought and effort went into the choice of brands attending. When I walked in I was welcomed with a glass of prosecco, a goodie bag and my very own name tag (which made me feel very important!). While walking around the event the mix between interactive stalls and brand awareness was great, sometimes I can feel a bit over helmed by the number of brands who want to stand and talk to you for long periods of time but with the interactive ones you can get involved more without feeling like you’re be talked at too much.


I really enjoyed getting stuck in with some of the stalls, Betty’s Booths was so fun and I had some photos taken with a few friends which were hilarious and then they offered to put them in a keyring which was a great addition. Perrywood also attended the evening where the held a terrarium workshop and I now have a cute new plant to go in my room and to add to the awesomeness the glass jar I was given is by Mica Decorations and is made from 100% recycled glass – bonus! Crystal Rose Skin Clinic spent time putting a glow peel on my face which is made from natural, plant-based ingredients to rehydrate your skin and wow did my skin feel silky smooth after. Another great interactive area was Sam Ross Yoga, would had a lovely set up for meditation and yoga, as you all know I’m very into meditation and yoga, so for me that was a fantastic addition. I will be attending one of her classes, so will Sam Ross will be featured again very soon.


One of the brands I discover because of this event, I think will now be one of my favourite places to purchase wedding, anniversary, christening and engagement gifts from and that’s Bombus. I am in love with the products they produce out of maps, they’re based in Kent, just round the corner from me. After speaking to them they confirmed that they have a workshop full of maps and go through each one to find the area you want to put on the product of your choice. There’s no map printing in this place, just some serious hard work and decent geography skills!


Jump Street were also there, and I never knew what kind of cool stuff they had on offer there, to be honest I thought it was just for children, but they also host fitness classes and corporate events. I’ve decided to get myself down there to try out a fitness class as I’ve been slightly lacking in the gym recently and try and organise a work outing there because you know, that’ll just be funny.

On a more serious note I also spoke to St Helena’s hospice for a while, most people have negative associations with hospices because they are where people go when they’re ill or have an incurable illness. However, most people aren’t aware that they also hold bereavement support, being someone who lost their mum when I was young, I understand that this is integral support for a lot of people and most don’t know it’s available. I will be doing some work with St Helena in the not so distant future so keep an eye open for that.

Overall, I had a great experience for my first blogger event and will be attending other South East Blogger events in the future. I personally think for me and the aim my blog has, if there were a few more ethical lifestyle brands in attendance next time that would be another tick in my box.

Until next time!

Much love x