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Earth Hour

Make a promise for Earth Hour, tonight at 8:30pm. Go lights out for an hour and join the biggest movement to protect our planet. There are so many things you can do while you’re lights out for an hour to raise awareness of our planet.

Why take part?

Our planet is in crisis wither you like to admit it or not! Our generation faces the biggest environmental threats of our generation. Wildlife we love around the world are at risk from climate change, pollution and over-consumption. The damaged we’ve caused to our environment over the past 50 years is shocking and fast, in fact we’re in the middle of the largest mass extinction event since the dinosaurs.

How you can take part

Today at 8:30pm join in on global change. Bring awareness to our planets crisis and go lights out with WWF for an hour. During this hour you can take part in things you’ve not done since you were a kid or something for all your friends and family to join in with. Why not;

  1. Star gazing
  2. Bonfire with friends and family
  3. Candlelit dinner
  4. Wine tasting
  5. Candlelit relaxing bath
  6. Meditating
  7. Film night (horror movies)
  8. Moonlit walk (ghost walk)
  9. Workout
  10. Play board games!!

Visit WWF Earth Hour to make your promise to Earth Hour. If you sign up let me know what you do over on Instagram or Twitter.

Much love x