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The stress of feeling stressed

I’ve always been a sucker for getting easily stressed and when I say easily I mean it! It could have been the smallest thing which tipped me over the edge. I can always tell when my stress has reached a new level because my ears go all fuzzy and I can’t really hear properly for a little while, then I start to get very hot and bothered. I must admit this doesn’t happen to me a lot anymore but when it does I know I’ve slipped back into old habits.

As I’ve noticed that this bad habit has started to creep back into my life again it’s made me think, why do I let myself get into this state? Then I realised I don’t really ‘let’ myself fall back into this routine however when I’m not paying attention to my wellbeing and looking after myself this is the first thing I notice increases my stress. Usually little things like work, home, relationships, friendships and health wouldn’t stress me out to this level anymore because I now know how to deal with it properly once I notice it.

However recently I’ve felt that every little thing is stressing me out to my previous levels, now I’ve realised this, after about a week or maybe two of stressing I can now put practises I’ve learnt in place to deal with it in the correct way. When I say the ‘correct way’ I mean a way which I know works for me, things which I learnt while I was a participant at The Penninghame Process. I’m the first to admit that I find it very, very hard to do things as a daily practise such as meditation, gym and checking in for some reason I have a massive block towards it but I do know they work for me very well when I feel like this, including a few other gems.

1. Check in. Take 10 minutes to stop and breath! It’s always good to breath. Take a few deep breathes and connect to your body, feelings, head and heart to find out what’s going on deep down and not just on the surface.

2. Step into. This is one of my personal favourites for when I am feeling particular stressed and I feel like I’m drowning in it. Stand in one spot with your eyes close, (and if possible) shoes off, and again take a deep breathe to clear your head. While you’re breathing connect to the present, where you are at the moment, the feel of your feet on the ground once you start to feel connect take one positive step forward. I call this stepping into connection, it’s a way to connect myself to the present .

3. Meditate. As much as I love to meditate as I mentioned earlier I find it really hard to do it every day! But when I do ‘find’ the time to meditate I do really enjoy it and it does really ground me, to be honest it makes me feel 100 times better. Do this in whatever why suits you, play music and follow your breathe or do a guided meditation.

4. Journal. I don’t personal feel its necessary to journal every, as I just never know what to write however when your feeling stressed there’s always something to write about and maybe after your check in and meditation you have a realisation as to why you’re feeling like this. When that comes to you, then jot it down, don’t hold on to that feeling just see it and let it pass on to the pages.

5. Outside. Be in nature! It’s one of the best things to do when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Walking in the fresh air, where you can hear the birds and there’s no one else around.

I tend to have the same few things come up for me when I do these ‘ritual’ but I now know what my negative chatter is I can see it easier but sometimes when its strong it doesn’t make it any easier to let go of it. That’s why I have these things as my ritual so they can help me to get out of the negative though patterns I get myself into.

If you try these tips and they help you, do let me know over on Instagram or Twitter.

Much love x



Image which is used on this post was taken by Justine Louise Photography