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Skin as white as snow

Alas she is more fair then thee. Lips as red as the rose. Hair as black as ebony. Skin as white as snow.

I must admit this post is completely unrelated to Snow White (sadly!) but it does loosely link me into talking about skin care…see what I did!? Anyway moving swiftly on, I’m not really one for having lots of skin care, lotions or potions but I have recently made some purchases which really seem to compliment each other in the skin care area.

As I’ve mentioned on here a few times before I really want to try to reduce the amount of plastic waste I produce. I have good days and bad days like most people but I do feel like I’m getting somewhere with my skin care. Slowly, slowly, baby steps it does make a big difference if your not too harsh on yourself, don’t condemn yourself if it’s not all going to plan because sometimes it doesn’t!

The main swap I’ve made is moving from a face cleanser which comes in a plastic bottle to a bar format which is from the ever so handy Lush. I find Lush helpful because it’s a high street store and if (for whatever reason) I’ve used up all my cleanser without realising then I can just nip out and get some more. The cleanser bar I am currently using is coalface as I kept finding my skin was becoming very oily, this product is made from rosewood, sandlewood and charcoal which gives it a very earthy smell. I use this everyday when I can in the shower.

Another product I am really happy I discovered (as it was a present from my boyfriend) was Frank Body, click here to read my review, this coffee scrub is for all over the body but it has been doing wonders for my face lately. I don’t wear makeup much so after I’ve had makeup on my face I love to use this to really get rid of it, it leaves my skin feeling super soft! I use Frank Body once a week all over my body including my face.

I was never one for using a facemask but Lani, click here to read my review, is another story. I actually really like the fact the mask is clear and dry’s really fast so I am able to tell when its ready to come off. Another product I am really happy I discovered it leaves your skin feeling so clear and soft, the packaging is all glass as well, BONUS! I use Lani facemask once a week when I am in the shower.

Last but not least is laughing bird unrefined shea butter, I found this in my local health food shop and I am really happy I got it! The shea butter comes in a really cute jar but is small enough to keep in your hand bag. I actually use this for everything, a face, body and hand moisturiser, a little goes a long way with this product and it’s still going strong after a good few months of using it multiple times every day.

The only product I’ve not yet found to swap (which I have just run out of) is skin toner, it’s something I use everyday after I have cleansed. I might give laughing birds face oil a go, as it’s packaged perfectly and sounds like it’ll smell amazing! But if you know of any products which are plastic free, natural and cruelty free please do let me know over on Instagram @mantramumbling or Twitter @mantra_mumbling.

Much love x