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I don’t do this enough but self-love is so important for your mental health, confidence and just to feel happy in your own skin.

Loving yourself is so important once you open your mind to that concept and really nail it, it will open up an abundance and flow of love in your life. You’ll start to attract people in your life, it could be a partner, new friends or even new colleagues because of the vibes you’re putting out into the universe.

I personally feel like I’ve had this happen to me first hand. I’ve spent a lot of time on myself both with regards to personal development, meditation, general mindfulness and wellbeing and since I’ve bought these aspects into my life I’ve seen a massive shift. Not going to lie it doesn’t happen straight away and sometimes it takes you ages to really notice there’s been a shift, most of your friends and family will notice way before you do.

If your not really ready to jump into the deep end with regards to personal development and meditation then start small. Why not host your own personal retreat?

You can do all the things which really help you to feel grounded or back into a clear frame of mind again. I’ve been having a long hard think about this and what I’d want to do on my own personal retreat, as my ‘being a dick meditation’ has fallen by the way side (oops!) I’m trying to think of ways to get my mojo back.

No matter how much personal development or meditation you do, you’re only human so you will probably start to slip back into old habits. That’s why I’ve listed a few ways you can host your own retreat without feeling to pressure of jumping into a week long course in the middle of Greece (for example).

1. Unwind – Relaxing is so important for you to help your thoughts flow and not just your every day ‘what am I going to have for dinner thoughts’ the deeper ones. So why not run a warm bath put some Epson salts in there to help your body to relax and unwind a bit during the process.

2. Senses – Now this one is a bit each to their own because when I’m trying to concentrate or meditate I find music a distraction however a lot of people find it helps them move deeper into the practise. I would suggest candles and incense though, the crackling of the candles is very relaxing and also means your not sitting there in complete darkness and the smell of incense can help you to focus your breathe.

3. Check in – Something which I learnt during a personal development course is to ‘check in’ with the body. It’s very easy to do all you need to do is sit still and take a few deep breathes and then ask how your body feels. How does your head feel, are you drowning in thoughts? How does your heart feel, are you feeling open and loving today? And do the same with your body too. This exercise will help you to focus on how you actually feel and what you think you feel.

4. Focus – This leads us on nicely to a meditation, it’s not a guided one on an app it is just you and your breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth a few times before you start the meditation, to keep it separate from the check in. Once you’ve done that become aware of your breathe really follow it with your mind, imagine your flowing through your body with every inhalation and exhalation do this for around 10-20 times. Now after that when you exhale hum like a bee, you want to be able to feel the vibrations in your face and continue to do that for around 10-20 times. After you’ve finished that inhale and exhale in through your nose and out through your mouth again, but now set yourself an intent (something which you want to achieve that day or the next) and imagine yourself completing it/doing it. Really visualise yourself doing whatever it is and remember it doesn’t have to be a goal or target it can be something as simple as just I want to smile a lot today. This meditation can be as long or as short as you’d like it to be, from 10 mins to 30 – that’s the beauty of it.
5. Journal – Now is the time to write anything down which may have come up for you during the check in or the mini meditation. Any thoughts or realisations, maybe during the check in you realised you felt sad but you didn’t know before that moment so why not write down the reasons why you think you feel like this. Or during the mediation you may have had a great experience where you saw lots of purple light wooshing around your body. Make note of all these things because it’s great to look back at and sometimes you could have the same or similar experience again when you’re in a completely different mindset. Don’t forget to write down what your intent was.

7. Nature – one of the best things to re connect with yourself is to be in ‘the nature’. Walking on the grass with no shoes on to ground yourself, listening to the sound of the river or the birds singing. It’s blissful to spend time in nature on your own, give yourself the gift and the time!

6. Gratitude – Last but not least, gratitude! It’s a great exercise to write down three things you’re grateful for, you don’t have to do this every day (I don’t) but it is good to try and remember to do it once a week. You really start to become more grateful for the little things.

Hope the above helps you to connect more and spend time on yourself.

Much love x