Losing my mojo

Losing your mojo

When a crap day turns into a crap week and then another it’s really hard to find the motivation to get your mojo back, this is how I feel at the moment! My don’t be a dick meditation (which you can read here) has gone completely to pot, my diet has been terrible since the new year and I don’t even remember the last time I went to the gym. To be honest I’m feeling a bit crap about it, I’m writing this post to explain that not every day is a good day with regards to wellness and eco friendly living.

I don’t think enough people talk about the bad days/weeks/months and focus too much on being perfect all the time which I am just not. I’m not putting myself down I’m just being truthful, I’ve lost my mojo. It’s not a big deal but I do sometimes find it hard to get back on track hence why I’ve felt like this since the new year.

Next week I will be assisting at an intensive personal development course called The Penninghame Process which I’ve previously been a participant of twice and it was life changing for me. I know I can’t attend a personal development course every time I loose my mojo but I do know it will help to kick start and remind me how to do it myself in future. I wanted to write this brief post because I want to describe how I’m feeling and what I personally want to work on while there even as an assistant. Once I am back I will then explain how I feel and what insights I had while I was away.

The Penninghame Process always gives you a great prospective. So before I set off early Saturday morning, the week leading up to assisting at the course I’ve felt unmotivated and frustrated with myself that I’ve dropped the ball on these important things. I am also super excited to help the participants on this course to obtain the knowledge and skills to help them to develop and improve their inner state and wellbeing. My intention for the week at Penninghame is to hold a safe space for all the participants and share my love for the course, course leaders and other assistants.

Much love x


Disclaimer: imaged used for this post isn’t my own it was from Penninghame.org 

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