Natural beauty, Plastic free

Tropical natural products – Lani

Just to let you all know I’ve found my new favourite products and they’re the best! I am super fussy when it comes to the smell of beauty products so when I got Lani’s tropical hair treatment and tropical fruit radiance mask, I was so excited because they smelt amazing. I’m not that into doing face masks and hair treatments, to be honest I usually do the bare minimum of skin care but these have converted me! One of the initial things which attracted me to Lani in the first place was the fact that their products came in glass, as you all know I’m trying to cut back on plastic so these products were perfect!

Lani is an affordable, natural, vegan and cruelty free skin and hair care, which ticks all the boxes and more. What’s important to me from a hair and skin care brand is for the product to be as natural as possible and have as few ingredients in, I actually get scared off if the ingredients list is too long. For it to be packaged free or plastic free is a big thumbs up too.

Looking at the Lani’s Instagram you’d think that the brand was Australian or American but it’s a fabulous British handmade brand, which for me was another big tick! If you’re looking for products which leave your skin and hair feeling as soft as a babies bottom then go for Lani. They’re not just a hair and skin product which smells incredible, you’re also purchasing from a brand who really cares about their customers, animals and the way they make their products.

If you want a dash of Australia in your life without having to wait for it and the price tag, Lani is the way to go. You’ll feel like a beach goddess!

Much love x

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