Slow fashion

Expanding my knowledge – slow fashion

As I’m new to this, I like to read up on what other wellness, ethical and eco bloggers are doing and what they’ve put in place to help them move to a more sustainable lifestyle. I can then try it myself and see how I get on or decide if I can come up with an easier way to do it myself. I read a very good post on Conscious Edit blog regarding slow fashion and I thought to myself I’m guilty of being that person who says ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’, which is a total lie.

I have a lot of clothes, not as many as I did have because I cut back a lot over the years but I do have a fair few items in my wardrobe. I’m also very guilty of buying cheap fast fashion from places like Primark and H&M because its cheap and I need a skirt for this party or a dress for that wedding. I do have a wedding to go to in September and I’ve made it my mission to purchase something which is either second hand OR an item of clothing from an ethical clothing brand.

Like I said I’m a sucker for cheap clothes so I think I’m more likely to go down the second hand route, I do purchase some clothes second hand at the moment because I love a good charity shop. I’ve decided 2018 is the year where I make a conscious decision to purchase only second hand or ethical brands. I do truly think this will be a struggle for me because I am so use to just impulsively purchasing clothing even when I don’t need it so this is a challenge in its self.

So I’ve tried to come up with a way of not getting board of my wardrobe in the hopes I can stick to this slow fashion challenge.
1. Second hand is the best – As I mentioned earlier I love a good charity shop and specific areas in the UK have really good ones! Hunting around charity shops is also fun and you find clothes which your not going to see on everyone walking down the high street. Also vintage, it might be gone but it’s not forgotten. I could spend hours in vintage shops especially ones in Camden stables. Old is the best!
2. Ethical brands – I’ve spent a lot of time researching ethical brands which I think are affordable for me and are fairly modern in style. I find some brands a bit too fuddy duddy for my tastes!
3. Upcycling – I have a wardrobe full of clothes which are perfectly fine, some of which are older than me! So if I get board of it, instead of thinking of giving it to the charity shop I am going to try and give it a second lease of life. Recycle and revamp – perfect example is a denim jacket which I’ve not worn in ages. It’s time to give it a face lift!!

Much love x

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