Plastic free

It’s always tea time

After reading a post on Moral Fibres blog (which I really enjoy reading), I was angry to learn that most tea bags are manufactured using a percentage of plastic. What also annoyed me is that I had never even thought about it at all and as I was reading the article I was like ‘Yeah, why have I not realised this before!?’.

Not going to lie I drink a lot of tea, I’m very English when it comes to how much tea I consume in a day so when I discovered that every major manufacturer of tea uses plastic I was very angry! 1. Why don’t the manufacturers actually make you aware of what is included within a product they have for sale? 2. Why is this even being included in a bloody tea bag?

So why is plastic in your tea? Because they say it’s needed to manufacture paper part of the tea bag to help heat seal them so they don’t open why you’re making your cuppa. Has the penny dropped yet? You may have been composting your teabags all this time but actually they’re not 100% biodegradable, so you’ve been wasting your time I am afraid! After spending a good few days being super annoyed every time I made a cup of tea, I decided I want a plastic free cuppa to go with my newly order milk in glass from the milkman.

During my hunt on Google for loose tea I discovered The UK Loose Leaf Company which is now my new favourite website. There was two things I was looking for out of my tea search, firstly to find loose leaf tea to ensure there was no plastic in the tea bags and secondly to find a company who didn’t package the tea in plastic (which is actually harder than you might think).

I was super excited to read on The UK Loose Leaf Company blog that if you want tea packaged plastic free they are happy to help. Once you’ve purchased your products just email them and they will put your loose leaf tea in food grade paper bags…now that’s what I call customer service!!

I nearly went slightly over the top with regards to deciding on what tea to actually get, there is so much choice from fruit and herbal to black and chai tea…you’ll be in tea heaven. I think I made a great choice for my first order, sticking to what I know best, English breakfast and peppermint tea both in 100g. You can’t go wrong with those two types of tea.

Just a little reminder if you’ve not already got one then don’t forget to grab a tea strainer, that’s a bigger for loose leaf tea!! I highly recommend getting yourself tea from The UK Loose Leaf Company and if you do don’t forget to let me know.

Much Love x