My top five for this year

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard since I visited the tree temple in Norfolk earlier this month. Once realising I’d lost connection with my vision, I was saddened to notice that my wanting to be more sustainable and green had fallen at the wayside. Now I’ve noticed it I am making a very conscious decision to change up my buying habits this year.

A lot of people think that the beginning of January is the best and only time to set yourself a goal for the year – I don’t agree. Actually sometimes you need the first month of the year to really nail down what you want to achieve and remember don’t just focus on the things you want to stop or cut out focus on what you want to have done by the end of the year and what you want to achieve.
So after having this realisation I now have some specific things I want to achieve additional to my life vision, these are just for 2018.
1. I want to buy less stuff – I’ve made my one big clothing purchase this year which was a pair of red Dr Marten’s boots, they were expensive but I’d literally wanted them for years and I had decided after a busy 2017 I deserved them. So this means that what I do purchase, clothing wise, I want to either get second hand or from ethical clothing brands. I’ve been doing a lot of research on brands, at some point in the near future I will do a post on my favourite ones.
2. Learn new skills – When I say skills there not really skills you need in everyday life but I’m a creative person and I want to tap into that more this year. So far these skills include henna tattooing, I love henna tattoos and as I spend a lot of time at festivals I’d love to be able to do some henna on myself before I get there. I also really want to learn to crochet mainly because I want to be able to make myself reusable cotton pads and some wall art for my bedroom. That should keep me busy for the first half of the year!!
3. Massively reduce my plastic consumption – This is an issue for me at the moment, I had started to do this a few years ago and lost connection with it. You get sucked into the ease of daily life, mindlessly buying disposable items for lunch and when your travelling. So to help me do this I will have to be much more organised. I’ve recently signed up to my local milkman so now my milk and juice comes in glass and I love the excitement of the milkman arriving (I’m sad like that!)
4. Experience more – Instead of buying things, I want to spend the money I save on experiences which I can share with my boyfriend, friends and family. Myself and my boyfriend had such a great time at the tree temple even if it was super short and we really want to share more experiences like that. Both before and after my busy summer season of work.
5. Volunteer my time – I’m already booked in to volunteer/assist at a personal development course which I’ve been on twice. It’s in Scotland and it’s called the Penninghame Process, it helped me so much to develop and be more confident and happy in my own skin. I really want to give back to the course and help other people to do the same, to change their life for the better. As well as that I’ve also been having a little look online and decided I’d like to do a beach clean up with my friends in April, it’s local to us and it’ll be great to help the Marine Conservation Society to do a big clean up in spring.
These are my starting points to be more sustainable, green and to expand my knowledge and skills. I’m really interested to know what your plans are this year to become more sustainable, it can be something tiny or something massive!

Much love x