Don’t be a dick…meditation

I’ve literally just had this sudden realisation. After going to see Sean who is a Buddhist and also owns my local gym, I’d asked him if he could help me to meditate daily as I always struggle to do this. The current meditations I have are an hour long and to be honest I can’t find the time to do them however I do have a shorter one which I still don’t do daily!

So we sat down before my lesson to discuss why wanted to do a daily meditation. We’d both come to the conclusion that I don’t spend my time well, including my evenings and weekends. Which means when I get home from work I either spend most of my time obsessing checking social media (to try and grown my social media following for the blog) or watch TV. You know everyone likes to waste time watching episodes of Friends or Madmen when they get from work to switch off but when you start to think you don’t have 10 minutes to do a meditation there’s a problem! At weekends I have an issue with pleasing everyone but not doing much for myself so I always find it hard to fit in time to do stuff just for me.

So Sean set me a challenge. A 100 day challenge. To find 10 minutes a day to meditate, now realistically this shouldn’t be a problem but it has been until now because you know life gets in the way! So I’ve set myself this challenge not just for myself because I deserve at least 10 minutes a day to myself but also to Sean who took 30 minutes out of his day to teach me this meditation and background of it. I’ve named this challenge ‘Don’t be a dick’, why you ask? Because if I can’t give myself 10 minutes to meditate lets be honest I’m being a dick to myself!

Now just to explain to you why I’m calling it ‘the meditation’ it’s because it’s a Buddhist meditation and with this you can’t share your mantra’s or meditations with others because it causes bad karma. Therefore this is why I’ve not shared it because guess what…I don’t want bad karma!! I meditate to calm my mind and to help me to relax as this can be hard for me to do, as my mind seems to work over time most days. So for me meditation is an escapism but also a way for me to connect to myself but on a different level, one which my mind doesn’t take over my life and that’s so relaxing to me.

So can you give yourself a ‘don’t be a dick’ challenge? Of course you can, what ever it is you want to do it might not be a meditation. It might be that you want to do 30 minutes of a painting you started months ago, read your book for 10 minutes or just sit in silence for 5 (which could turn into a meditation).

Don’t forget to let me know if you set yourself a ‘don’t be a dick challenge’, I’d love to know what yours will be!! Instagram me @mantramumbling or Tweet me @mantra_mumbling

Much love x


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