Monkey Minder – An eco diary

I’ve been super excited to receive my Monkey Minder for a week, it came from Germany and I just love that it’s an eco diary! 2018 is the year I’m going to try and be more eco friendly and sustainable while still being organised at the same time – well that’s the plan anyway…

The first thing which I want to mention about this product is that when I opened my envelope there was a cute card from Nele (the maker of the diary) which says ‘Thank you for caring about the planet!’ which I just loved!

This modern looking diary is made from 100% recycled paper and has a lovely internal design. It’s a soft back book with a glossy feel to it which makes it look very smart, so would be great to use for work. There’s perfectly placed photography for each month, which splits them up really well and makes it really easy to find the month you need. You can purchase one of these diaries with a bookmark ribbon if you wish, but I didn’t think that was necessary for what I needed.

If you’re like me and have left purchasing your 2018 diary a tad late then I suggest you visit Nele’s Monkey Minder Esty page and have a look at her great diaries. I’ve got myself the A5 size but they’re also available in A6 if you needed a handbag sized one. Monkey Minder doesn’t just sell dairies you can also get yourself some fabulously illustrated posters, cards and notebooks.

For £5.39 it’s totally worth purchasing from further a field!!

Much love x