Plastic free

Get your metal on!

David Attenborough touched the hearts of thousands of people when he explained to the masses that our wildlife is dying due to our overuse of plastic. Especially with the fact that everything is wrapped in plastic which doesn’t need to be, food being the main problem of the overuse and manufacturing of plastic. However I am like most consumers I use a lot of plastic in my daily life, beauty products, food and clothing.

While I was writing my blog post on vision’s (which you can read here), I realised I had lost my connection with my own vision which I had written over a year ago. So I started to have a think of small things which I could re implement into my life and the first thought that came into my head was my metal water bottle. This water bottle I purchased at Glastonbury festival last year so it has their logo and partners etched on to the bottle.

Why get a metal water bottle? Because you’ll be using less plastic, no more buying single use plastic water bottles – yippy!! and you’ll be saving animals, ocean wildlife and ultimately our planet. It also means you’ll have constantly cold water, these bottles keep you water cold for hours. I use mine at work, I fill it up in the morning and leave it on my desk and by 11am it’s still cold which is bliss!

I know I said I had purchased mine from Glastonbury but there are other places to buy them in the UK. Jerry bottle (£14.99 550ml) is one place you can purchased your reusable bottles from and in my eyes the best place because they’re a social enterprise and they give 100% of their profits to fund water projects in India and Tanzania, how cool is that!? You can give back while purchasing reusable water bottle which means you also use less plastic.

You can also get yourself a water bottle from Elephant Box (£15 750ml) as well as awesome lunch boxes and bees wax wraps. So get yourself a plastic free lunch!

So what more excuses could you need to get yourself one of these bad boys!?

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Much love x