A vision for 2018

Don’t set yourself a target or goal for 2018 which you’ll probably end up breaking at some point. People end up setting themselves ridiculous goals this time of year like go to the gym and meditate everyday…neither of which will happen because it’s not realistic.

As vision is the bigger picture a few of you might already have a life or relationship vision which is implemented and followed throughout the year. If you don’t then that’s something to think about too (if you’d like me to do a post of a life or relationship vision please let me know via social media) but for now we’ll stick to a 2018 vision.

A way I find which can help you to do this is write down 10 things which you want to focus on. This can be such as fitness, nutrition, gratitude etc. Once you’ve written those down you’ll then need to re word them into a vision rather than a list of goals.

If one of your points is to live a more sustainable life (life is one of my points within my life vision) then word it so it reads something similar to this “to contribute to the planet by living a more greener and sustainable life”. Why do we need to re word our points? Because you want to have an overall vision for the year which you can read every day to give yourself motivations but to also not condemn yourself if you don’t do it all the time! This is something which you’d like to ultimately achieve within the year but don’t need to pressure yourself to complete in the first two months.

A vision is something to live by something which you’d realistically like to do everyday without thinking. This doesn’t mean hit the gym everyday, it means you need to be aware of your fitness and ensuring your making some kind of effort during the week. This could be a run on a Monday and Yoga on a Thursday.

Now you have a list of things and the jist of way a yearly vision is much better than targets or goals have a go at putting yours together. Below I’ve shared (part) of my life vision, to help you to continue to write yours. Please use the type of language which connects with you the most, if the way I’ve written mine doesn’t work for you then re draft it so it does. It’s important your vision connects with you otherwise it won’t make an impact.

  • To fuel my body and soul with healthy nutrients and exercise
  • To see myself and others through the eyes of love
  • To contribute to the planet by living a more greener and sustainable life
  • To live a life committed to growing in awareness and connection

I’d love to see your visions, share them with me on Twitter @manta_mumbling or Instagram @mantramumbling

Much love x

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