Frank Body Coffee Scrub

I got some fab presents for Christmas and one of my favourite ones was a coffee scrub from Frank Body I’m not usually into scrubs but wow this is my new favourite skin product! Frank Body is an Australian product and is made from only natural ingredients an if you’re a vegan you can use it too.

This cruelty free product will leave you feeling as smooth as a babies bum. Your skin will be so soft you’ll want to constantly stroke your own arms and legs, it’s not weird don’t worry! Well not much…

I also love the branding, I’m a sucker for good branding and this has me hooked. The great little illustrations which gives you instructions on how to use the product and what to do with it and eating is not one of them (they make a point of telling you). What also comes hand in hand with the great branding is also a fabulous sense of humour!!

“ Unlike your ex, I’m non-toxic. I use natural and naturally derived ingredients. ”

Once you’ve admired the packaging and actually get to the part where you open it. Well aren’t you in for a treat! No wonder they add a note not to eat it, the coffee scrub smells delicious. Now I’ve never used this product before so I went all in and grabbed a handful and started rubbing. I literally used it all over my body, face, legs, hands, feet, I even put it on my bum checks. Well why not? I want my bum to feel silky smooth too!

After you’ve got yourself good and dirty then wait a min or just start to wash your hair, then rinse your body and wow do you feel like a new person. This is the only scrub I’ve used which I actually want to use again and again…it’s a tad addictive! I’ve recently found out that they do a whole face care skin routine which I am dying to try which I think will be the next purchase.

So if you want a decent body scrub which smells incredible and isn’t made from any nasty’s then get yourself some Frank Body

If you get yourself some let me know what you think!

Much love x