The power of music

Most people have a strong connection to music. Whether it’s because you enjoy singing, dancing, your in a band or love watching live music.

I’m about to come clean….I think I have an obsession with music! I can’t just listen to the radio on the way to work, I need to put my own music on even if it’s only a few tracks. I need to listen to something I enjoy. I listen to music when I’m in the gym, having a shower, cooking my dinner and sometimes I even listen to music before I go to bed. Music is powerful! It can take you back to any point in your life, transport you to the future or keep you grounded in the present.

Like everyone I have certain songs which remind me of things in my past, these are both joyous memories and heart breaking ones. I only have one song I find hard to listen to which was played at my mums funeral (Celine Dion, My heart will go on) but weirdly everything else which was played I can listen to (REM, Everybody hurts). But I also have songs which fill me with happiness when I hear them, hearing Bruce Springsteen’s working on the highway reminds me of when I saw him in concert with my dad and a family friend. He played a three hour set and played Born in the USA from start to finish, I was in music heaven!! A similar thing with Pink Floyd in the flesh this reminds me of when I saw Roger Waters and it was the most incredible concert I’d ever been to!

I also use music to describe how I’m feeling. Sometimes I put on an album which I think reflects my current mood, this could be if I want to have a good old sing song, a cry or a dance around the house. What made me want to write this post is to explain to you how much music means to me which I’ve just realised is really hard to put into words. Also because I just put on a record which I got for Christmas, James Laid and I’d forgotten how fantastic that album was and it’s until re-listening to it I’ve now put another one on.  I’m incredibly grateful for music! This is now me for the night, listening to records.

Share with me your favourite songs and what they remind you of? What do you smile to, what do you cry to?

Much love x