Don’t look back in anger

People always look back at the year and think of all the crap things which have happened during the year. Why!? Don’t do that to yourself…if you must look back at the year then focus on the positives. Sounds like a stupid thing to say doesn’t it but people tend to look back in anger this time of the year.

So what great things happened to you in 2017? Did you get together with your other half? Get a pet dog or a cat? Move into your first house? Finish your degree? All are fantastic positives to focus on and remember. A way to help you to focus on the positives while celebrating the year past on new years, write down all your happy memories and pop them into a jar. On new years eve, I’d suggest doing it before you go out (if you have plans to party) and send 20 mins going through the jar and reading your 2017 happy memories.

Or another way to do it, as social media is a big thing in pretty much everyone’s lives now days. Why not find a picture from 2017 which shows your happy memory and pin them up as a new years eve decoration (this would be gr4eat if your hosting your own party!!)

2017 happy memories:

  • Getting into fitness
  • Starting my new job
  • Going to festivals around the UK
  • Getting my new tattoo
  • Meeting my boyfriend
  • Meeting loads of new friends
  • Going on holiday to Samos

And many more things!! What’s your favourite happy memories?

Much love x