Festive gratitude

The festive season isn’t the only time of the year to be grateful. I like to keep a track of my gratitude, either while I am journaling or on my phone. You don’t have to keep track of gratitude but it’s really good to sit and think about it. What are you grateful for? The sun on your face? Frosty mornings? Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Anyway the example list goes on.
Many people only start thinking about gratitude this time of year when they start seeing family members who they don’t usually see and friends they see once a month. Try to evolve the gratitude past the Christmas presents and food. What’s the best practise for gratitude is writing three things which you are grateful for every day or every week.
While you’re getting use to this practise sit quietly for 5 mins (or maybe do this after you’ve meditated) and think about what you’re grateful for. It might be something which happened today, maybe that stranger who helped you when you dropped all your shopping on the floor.

Today I am grateful for;
1. Frosty weather
2. Pip & Tid (doggies I live with)
3. Helpful shop assistants

Much love x