Can you have a conscious Christmas…?

This year I’ve decided to be much more of a conscious Christmas shopper. I’m a sucker for gift giving! Sometimes I will buy someone something for no reason but because I saw it and know they’ll love it. I love to make people happy! But this year I’ve decided not to go crazy and set myself a budget for each person. I thought it was going to be hard to stick to a budget but it’s actually kept my spending under control – go me!
One thing I would like to try and implement next year though is to buy everyone more eco friendly presents. I’ve not this year mainly because I was worried about pushing my beliefs on someone else and also in my family we all write a list of things we’d like and then people buy off of those lists. It’s to ensure people receive gifts they want, will use and enjoy.
Baby steps…start off small and then work your way up! The problem with Christmas is some families completely spoil their children and I don’t believe that’s the correct way to bring up your child. They need to learn to enjoy gift giving properly and spending more time with family and friends. But that’s just my personal view on the matter!
There are a few different ways to start a conscious Christmas shop (or in fact finish one as I am very aware this post is a tad late!!)
1. Set your self a realistic and sensible budget for each person (money to spend on them)
2. Give yourself a certain amount of presents to buy for each person (one or two)
3. If you really want to get stuck in then why not buy eco friendly presents? There are plenty of websites to get eco friendly gifts from
4. Make them your self. I know a few people who’d rather make people gifts (if your creative and a good sewer this is the one for you!)
5. Gift someone with a weekend away, a night out at the theatre. Something which you both can experience together


Much Love x