Journaling – Those bloody thoughts!

I’m not a person who journals everyday, only when I feel I have stuff to get off my chest. It helps me to notice any old habits I might be falling back into and any thought patterns that might be arising for me. My negative thought patterns can be quite strong for me and can send me into an emotional spin, so for me journaling can really help me to witness any negative thoughts.
As I mentioned in my ‘being you’ post a strong negative thought pattern for me is ‘I’m not good enough’. This thought comes up a lot for me especially if I’ve had an argument with someone or I’ve been in a recent break up. A lot of people journal daily, however I find this too much of a chore and something I will end up breaking. If I don’t put pressure on my self to do it then it’s something I will end up doing when I need it, rather than just writing down random crap which actually doesn’t mean anything.
The time I enjoy journaling the most is when I’ve had a really good experience meditating. I have the best meditation experience usually when it’s a guided meditation which I bought from a local Buddhist temple.
So a long story short if your thinking of journaling then don’t feel the pressure of doing this daily, only journal when you feel you have something to say. This could be something you don’t want to tell anyone else, a rant or even confusion over a certain situation.
A few suggestions on how to start journaling:
1. Purchase a journal which you like the look of, a leather one or a bright coloured one. Which ever takes your fancy.
2. Meditate before hand, this can open your thoughts and to focus on stronger thought patterns.
3. Once you’ve completed your meditation make notes on your experience and what came up for you throughout the meditation.
4. After you’ve made your initial notes go into more detail about how that experience made you feel.
5. And how does this link to your negative thought patterns. You can then do the process I discussed in ‘being you’ post to help you convert those negative thoughts into more positive.

This is something which I do and personally find helpful. If you give it a go and find it helpful to then let me know!

Much love x