Liz Earle

I’ve always been a big fan of Liz Earle products. I’m very fussy when it comes to the smell of my skin care and for me Liz Earle ticks all the boxes. I’ve recently been given an early Christmas present of Liz Earle clean and polish, instant boost skin tonic and skin repair moisturiser in a pretty little gift set.
The Liz Earle packaging is always really lovely, it comes packaged in a teal blue box, surrounded by branded tissue paper. All Liz Earle products are cruelty free, vegetarian friendly (made with no animal extracts) and made on the Isle of Wight.
Recently I’d been suffering from really oily skin as my beauty budget was very low and I had to use cheap face wash, which I hate doing anyway because they are really bad for your skin. My theory was it’s better than nothing…which wasn’t the case!
Going back to using Liz Earle has proven to me that having a three step beauty routine really helps with my oily skins! These products leave my skin feeling clean, clear and soft. And I’ll say it again…the smell is incredible. I also think using naturally active ingredients has helped wonders, my skin always seems to agree more with naturally sourced and made skin care.
I am currently looking to cut down on plastic within my beauty routine but at the moment I am going to use these products until the end of their life.
Waste not, want not!!
But I’d highly recommend a Liz Earle skin care routine for anyone who’s looking for a more natural option which isn’t going to break the bank. Just as an FYI if you order direct from the Liz Earle website they give you a free full size product with you make your purchase.
What beauty products do you use?