Being you!

It’s something which is really important to me! I’ve always been ‘me’, even when I used to get bullied at school…why change the way I am? Let’s be honest even if I did they still wouldn’t like me, so there’s really no point in changing. Children and teenagers can be so horrible. When I become a parent it’s going to be my mission to teach my children why you shouldn’t be a bully and to tell people when they see others getting bullied. Bullying has become much worse now as the they can hide behind social media, so it no longer just at school it keeps happening once they get home…there’s no escaping it.

I’m someone who has grown massively as a person from being bullied. I was so thankful to leave high school, I hated every second being there and when I started college I felt free as people I went to school with didn’t go to my college. It look a long time for me to gain any confidence though, I was still pretty quiet as I was so nervous about being around people. I never understood why I got bullied, ok I was a bit of a grunge kid, I liked listening to Nirvana and GreenDay, but that was about it.

I spent many years trying to make sense of it all…why did they make my life a misery? Who knows and who cares!? Anyway my point is you should always be yourself!! Don’t change the way you feel and what you enjoy. Be confident in yourself, love yourself! It’s crazy to me that I am even saying this because it has taken me a long time to like myself and gain confidence. I still struggle sometimes with my confidence and my friends do pick up on if I put myself down…sometimes I just fall back into old habits.

Old dogs can learn new tricks. An exercise which really helped me (and still does to this day) was to write a list of negative things you tell yourself and then change them into something positive which you can tell yourself. So next time when these thoughts come up…and they will, you can shoot them down with new positive beliefs.

Here are a few examples on my negative thought patterns (have a go a writing your list):

I’m not good enough – I’m more than good enough

You’re stupid – I’m clever in my own way

And if it helps maybe pin these up on your mirror or your wall so you can read them everyday to remind yourself that ‘I’m more than good enough’.


Much love