Motivation – Get shit done

I’m the queen of zero motivation….the person who can be super into something and motivated and then suddenly if I’m busy for a week or ill, that’s it, it’s gone.

This isn’t something I’m proud of. I find it a bit of a flaw in my personality. But I want to change this, I really want to be that person who is super motivated and gets shit done! One of the things which holds me back is that I want to please everyone. I could have all good intentions to ‘get shit done’ and then someone will ask me if I’m free to go out for dinner because they haven’t seen me in ages. Then suddenly guilt will kick in and I feel like I can’t say no because I’m worried they’ll get pissed off or upset with me. But why am I changing my plans and interfering with my schedule because they would like to met up last minute for a coffee?

This has actually become a problem for me, to a point where I’ve not had a weekend or a whole day to myself for over a month because I feel like I need to fit people in and please them. When I’m pleasing other people it means I’m pleasing myself right….wrong! Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my friends and family but I also love my own space and doing my own thing, just chilling out listening to records in my room or going to an unscheduled gym session.

So I now need to make a promise to myself…I will now keep sometime for myself every month. Even if I just go to the spa on my own, go for a reiki session or read a book in my room. If I don’t take time for myself I get too drained and this is how I loose motivation for everything else!!

I’ve written myself a few steps to help me to stay on track with motivation (they might help you too);

  1. Make time for myself – Don’t feel bad for liking your own company and wanting to be on your own sometimes. There’s nothing better than going out for a walk in the woods on your own. It’s a way to reconnect and ground yourself, if your feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


  1. Do the things you love – Do you have a hobby or interest you have which none of your other friend like?….so what! Do it anyway. I like northern soul, the first time I went to an all-nighter I went on my own and met people when I was there. If you want to start a class whether it’s yoga, tap dance or rugby, go and do it, you’ll meet people when your there.


  1. I love a good list – Write a list of five things you enjoy doing and another list of things you’d like to start which you’ve not done before. Choose one from each list to do that month. It’s doesn’t have to be a weekly class but it needs to be something you can do at least once a month. This will give you two days that month dedicated to something which you want to do.


  1. Why!? – Why do you want to do these things? How will they make you feel? Is it to help you with stress management or is it just something which you enjoy and makes you happy? And when you try to change doing these tasks to meet a friend for dinner, look at these reasons and remember why you blocked out this day/afternoon/morning/hour to do something which you enjoy.


Hope this helps, much love x –

Things I enjoy:

  • Northern soul
  • Meditation
  • Gym
  • Being in nature
  • Listening to records

Shit I want to do:

  • Yoga (not been for 10 years counting it as new)
  • Learn to henna tattoo
  • Boot camp
  • Pilates
  • Read more


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